Introducing MDR 4.0, the Industry’s First Contextually Aware Breach Detection and Response Platform

Streamline your security, increase your profitability, and offer your clients world-class cyber security.

Last month, we were excited to launch MDR 4.0; an enhancement to our 24/7 managed detection and response (MDR) service and the first contextually aware breach detection and response platform on the market.

MDR 4.0 is packed with features, including: a malicious tradecraft detection engine with improved risk ratings, over 200 new detection capabilities, threats mapped to the industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK® Framework, professional and brandable monthly reports, 24/7 security monitoring, live threat detection, active threat hunting, and true response; stopping breaches in real-time before they take hold.

MDR 4.0 user interface, showing the patented live network map
MDR 4.0 user interface, showing the patented live network map

With our SNAP-Defense platform at its core, MDR 4.0 uses patented technology developed to provide the fastest threat detection and response even when automated solutions fail.

The gold standard in MDR, our technology was built from the ground up with monitoring, detection, and response all built-in and featuring patented lateral movement detection methods. This provides our MDR analysts with unparalleled visibility into hacker trade-craft, lateral spread, and remote privileged activity. SNAP-Defense automatically collects and correlates meta-data around suspicious events, reducing data and analyst overload.

The 4.0 service also offers completely redesigned reporting with 10x more information to provide better visibility into cyber security events. MSPs can use these robust reports to demonstrate to clients the work that goes into keeping client infrastructure and operations safe from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. These reports will soon be available in the Blackpoint Portal, which offers enhanced customer self-service capabilities.

MDR 4.0 features robust and brandable reporting for our MSPs to show value to their clients
Robust and brand-able reports for MSPs to show value to their clients

MDR 4.0 is a unified cyber security platform that helps enterprises and MSPs more efficiently and effectively fight the unfair fight with cyber criminals, eliminating the need for the integration of numerous, disjointed third-party technologies and providing peace of mind without additional staffing and security solutions. MDR 4.0 reduces the security stack, saving time and money, while working 24/7 to neutralize security threats in real-time.

With over 200 new detection capabilities, MDR 4.0 increases Blackpoint security analysts’ ability to detect slow-moving and fast threats.
With over 200 new detection capabilities, MDR 4.0 increases Blackpoint security analysts’ ability to detect slow-moving and fast threats.

This capability has never been more critical as MSPs increasingly become the target of cybercriminals – a clear and present danger to them as well as the clients they manage. Blackpoint developed MDR 4.0 as a proactive, always-on service to help our partners better defend themselves.

MDR 4.0 is part of our ongoing mission to detect the cyber threats of today and tomorrow by continually evolving our threat detection and service offerings to provide the fastest, most effective, affordable real-time threat detection and response. Learn more today about how MDR 4.0 provides world-class 24/7 managed detection and response and unified security for your network.

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