Don’t Miss The Protect & Streamline Summit for IT Leaders June 17-18

Join us for the Protect & Streamline Summit for IT Leaders

Join us for the two-day, two-track virtual Protect & Streamline Summit for IT Leaders on June 17-18. Register now for this free event to learn more about managing business risk and streamlining your IT operations.

Our world is changing fast. Businesses rely on IT teams now more than ever to help them adapt and thrive—but that’s a tall order when you’re dealing with finite resources and tough decisions of your own. Get ready to rise to the challenge with the help of IT leaders and industry experts at the Protect & Streamline Summit.[

This two-day, all virtual event is jam packed with informative sessions from Blackpoint Cyber, Auvik Networks, Webroot, Datto, Big Leaf Networks, and more.

Day one of the Summit focuses on Managing Business Risk and will feature a Noon ET session by Blackpoint Cyber CEO and founder and former NSA intelligence operative Jon Murchison. In his “When Your Software Management Tools Turn on You” session, Jon will discuss how unsecured and co-opted software management tools can be an existential threat to your infrastructure when hackers gain access to these tools and use them to cause all kinds of destruction.

Don’t miss this event! Register now to learn how to fortify your business against risk. Registration is free and includes all session recordings.

Details at-a-glance

What: The Protect & Streamline Summit for IT Leaders

When: June 17-18, 2020

Day 1: Managing Business Risk | June 17
Day 2: Streamlining IT Operations | June 18

Where: To register for this event and gain access to session recordings, click here

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