Cyber Security
Risk Assessments

Identify data privacy
& security issues

Introduction to cyber security risk assessments

Today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving and an increasing amount of organizations are turning to Cyber Security Risk Assessments for evaluation. Cyber Security Risk Assessments provide valuable insight into how information-secure an organization's network really is.

Blackpoint's SNAP-Defense platform provides immediate insight into the organization, outstanding or existing threat detection, and real-time protection from threats during the assessment. Why wait until after the assessment to work towards protection when you can get advanced protection from the beginning?

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ACquire Information

Determine your organization's information assets and prioritize them based on criticality

Plan & Proritize

Effectively plan and prioritize remediation steps in the event of a breach based on your company’s goals, budgets, and timelines

Identify Vulnerabilities

Identify and document relevant vulnerabilities that are putting your network and organization at risk

Patented Technology used by our MDR

Review Security Practices

Now that potential weaknesses have been identified, review and make adjustments to your current security flows to ensure your organization is covered

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Why organizations need cyber security risk assessments?

The best cyber security strategy starts with an in-depth understanding of your organization’s assets, infrastructure, architecture, vulnerabilities, policies, and people. A comprehensive assessment must cover the full-spectrum of your environment from external vulnerabilities all the way to your hiring and screening practices, and everything in between

Types of cyber risk assessments

Our cyber security risk assessments are custom-designed for each organization based on the client’s areas of interest and key findings. Each assessment may also be adjusted during the process to specifically target or address any shortcomings or critical issues addressed as the assessment unfolds.