Blackpoint Cyber Detains Qakbot Information-Stealing Malware

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Blackpoint Cyber Detains Qakbot Information-Stealing Malware Case Study
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A Closer Look at Managed EDR

At Blackpoint, we take integrations a step further. We combine our leading MDR with third-party endpoint security solutions to not only ingest alerts and metadata, but also act upon discovered threats on your behalf. View our Managed EDR offerings here.

In November of 2022, Qakbot, an information-stealing malware, targeted a Blackpoint partner, IMPACT Technology Group, on a Monday afternoon. Thankfully, due to Blackpoint’s Managed EDR solution with Webroot, it only took two minutes for the SOC to triage and isolate the host.

The techniques used by the attacker were meant to evade AV, Application Control, and web filtering tools. These tools are useful but cannot be relied upon. To fight off advanced threats effectively, you need a highly capable detection and response service protecting you around the clock.

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