The End of the Line for Hackers

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OCTOBER 27, 2021  11 AM EST

Blackpoint Cyber's Virtual Event, Co-Hosted with




Military observation and exploration of a region to hunt down an adversary or ascertain strategic features, terrain, or information. Also referred to as ‘recon’.

What is Blackpoint ReCON?

Welcome to the first Blackpoint ReCON – a virtual event co-hosted with Webroot! On October 27, 2021, join us for this half-day experience as we zero in on how to navigate the modern threat landscape, create a pragmatic MDR-focused stack, and take out the adversary before they can even see us coming. 

At Blackpoint Cyber, we win the unfair fight by giving hackers hell and helping others protect what’s most important to them. Our mission? Provide absolute and unified Managed Detection and Response services to organizations around the world.


We believe that a key element in winning the unfair fight against cyber adversaries is banding together and sharing your learnings. At Blackpoint ReCON, the Blackpoint Team and Webroot have collaborated to connect you with thought leaders and experts in the cybersecurity industry. Take away valuable insights and actionable advice that will help build your offense and sharpen your defense.

Take part in the Blackpoint ReCON experience and arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools you need. Turn the tide and, finally, draw the end of the line for hackers. Register for Blackpoint ReCON 2021 today to see why our cybersecurity ecosystem works to eliminate threats as soon as they emerge.


“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

– Sun Tzu, The Art of War

ReCON Activities

Adapt to the modern-day threat landscape by trusting a cybersecurity ecosystem that works for you and is powered by true MDR.  

Here is what happened at Blackpoint ReCON 2021: 

The pilot episode of Blackpoint’s new podcast, “The Unfair Fight”, was recorded live after Blackpoint ReCON 2021. Watch the recording on YouTube and stay tuned for news on Episode 2!

See you next year for Blackpoint Recon 2022!

A Cybersecurity Event by Blackpoint Cyber

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Meet Our Co-Host

This year’s Blackpoint ReCON event is co-hosted with Webroot, an OpenText company. Leaders in building cyber resilience, Webroot delivers next-generation endpoint security, threat intelligence services, and disaster recovery to protect businesses of all sizes. 

At its core, Webroot believes that everyone has the right to be secure in a connected world. To overcome today’s most complex cybersecurity challenges, Webroot strives to extend the value of threat identification, prediction, and remediation to every point of connection. 

Discover more about our co-hosts at 

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Keynote: The End of the Line for Hackers

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