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Military observation and exploration of a region to hunt down an adversary or ascertain strategic features, terrain, or information. Also referred to as ‘recon’.

About Blackpoint ReCON 2022

Much of the last couple of years has been reactionary. We say, not anymore. With Blackpoint Cyber in your corner, put knowledge into action to effectively sell security to your clients and take your business to new heights. Watch Blackpoint’s second annual ReCON to learn from cybersecurity experts about the threats we’ve seen, anticipated tactics our Adversary Pursuit Group (APG) is watching, and ways that you can bolster your defenses. When operating proactively, you’re able to maintain operations for all you protect, as well as elevate your business growth. 

We’re in the trenches on your behalf — we’ve connected you with industry leaders and shared our insight so that you can become an authority in your own right for your clients. Threat intel surrounding data from past events leads to better-informed decisions, tailored defenses, decisive action, and wiser investments. Strengthen your security by obtaining key information about adversaries’ motivations and tactics. 

We are dedicated to both protecting and empowering our partners, whether you are new to the Blackpoint community or have been with us for years. Watch ReCON 2022 on-demand to learn how our heightened focus on cyber threat intelligence can take your business to the next level.

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A Cybersecurity Event by Blackpoint Cyber

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True security starts with the right intel

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Learn about threat intel, business strategies, and sales tactics from cybersecurity experts.  

Make your defensive plan before the enemy has picked a target.


Safeguarded and Supported 
Learn from the experts how to enhance your security strategy to grow your business 

Actionable Steps Towards Business Maturity 
Learn from MSPs at different stages of development to increase your ability to scale, protect, and sell

Learn How to Sell Security to Your Clients 
Leverage our resources to better sell to your end customers 

Clear Cybersecurity Education 
Improve your security strategy to positively impact your clients with latest technical threat intel, news, and analysis


Matt Lee 
Senior Director of Security & Compliance at Pax 8

Andrew Morgan 
Founder of The Cyber Nation

Jon Murchison
Founder and CEO at Blackpoint Cyber

David Rushmer
Director of Threat Research and head of Adversary Pursuit Group at Blackpoint Cyber 

Xavier Salinas
Chief Technology Officer at Blackpoint Cyber

Charles Tomeo
Chief Revenue Officer at Axcient

Here’s what happened at ReCON 2022


Evolution of Security Practices from the Adversary Pursuit Group 
Featuring Xavier Salinas, David Rushmer, and Wilfredo Santiago 

Revenue Starts with Security: MSP Trends Panel  
Featuring Andrew Morgan, Mike Estep, Tim Weber, and Michael Gray 

A Structured Approach to Selling: Metrics That Matter 
Featuring Jon Murchison and Mike Yang 

Deliver the Right Message: What Your Customers Need to Hear About Managed Security 
Featuring Jon Murchison and Jamie Moore

Taking Security Seriously: How Channel Vendors are Listening and Executing  
Featuring Xavier Salinas, Matt Lee, Matt Topper, Charlie Tomeo, and Joe Alapat 

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