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Expert-Led Threat Intel 
Learn about the importance of cyberthreat intelligence and how it plays a significant role in building strong offensive measures. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) gathers firsthand threat insight while our Adversary Pursuit Group (APG) performs next-level research. By watching ReCON 2023, you will see how this intelligence informs our partners and product team, keeping the Blackpoint community ahead of upcoming advanced tactics.

Anticipating the adversary’s next steps

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Watch ReCON 2023 on demand and join Blackpoint in anticipating the adversaries' next steps.

About Blackpoint ReCON 2023

“In warfare, there are no constant conditions. He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent will succeed and win.”


A Security Stack Aligned with Industry-Recognized Best Practices 
A technology company at our core, Blackpoint builds critical solutions in-house based on our take on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This enables us to detect and respond to advanced threats faster than any other solution on the market. By pairing these industry-recognized best practices with our firsthand threat intelligence, you can provide your customers with the best suite of security solutions available.

The Ability to Scale and Operationalize Your Offering 
Since ReCON 2022, we launched our inaugural product bundle, Blackpoint Response. This offering enables you to provide critical cybersecurity measures and increase your service offerings without experiencing price increases. By embracing Blackpoint’s approach and leveraging our expertise, you can stay ahead of the curve in the constantly evolving world of cybersecurity.




Military observation and exploration of a region to hunt down an adversary or ascertain strategic features, terrain, or information. Also referred to as ‘recon.’

Blackpoint is shaping the future of cybersecurity. As a critical player in the field, we invite you to join us in ensuring the safety and security of individuals, companies, and communities alike. Watch ReCON 2023 on demand and learn how to begin operating your MSP on the offense with:

A Cybersecurity Event by Blackpoint Cyber


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Jon Murchison
Founder and CEO at Blackpoint Cyber

Robert Russell 
Director of Threat Operations at Blackpoint Cyber

MacKenzie Brown
VP of Security at 
Blackpoint Cyber

Justin Weller
Director of Business Development at Blackpoint Cyber

Speaker Spotlight

Erich Schmidt
SOC Concierge at 
Blackpoint Cyber

Loren Hextall
Partner Success Manager at Blackpoint Cyber

Agenda Overview


State of the MSP: Maximizing Your Opportunity 
It's s an exciting time to be an MSP in the cybersecurity business. MSPs play a critical role in national security, and cybersecurity presents a prime opportunity for those looking to scale. Join Jon as he explains the growing trends in the MSP business and how you can leverage them for success.

Product Announcement: A Modern Approach to Zero Trust 
If you're looking for frictionless control and better visibility into potential threats, this session is for you. Learn the story behind Blackpoint's newest product and how we are leveraging our threat intel to bring a fresh approach to zero trust to the MSP community.

Strong Security Equates to Strong Branding 
A robust security offering shapes brand value in today's market, differentiating and building credibility. In a market where sustainable revenue growth hinges on the maturity of brand value, learn how to leverage security to position yourself as an expert to clients and gain a competitive edge.

Operating on the Offense Through Pedigree
Are you operating at an elite level? Discover the importance of aligning your brand with a premium pedigree and dynamic threat intelligence, and learn why threat intel combined with top-tier security operations are the driving forces behind effective cybersecurity solutions.

Our Commitment to the Community
Get an inside look at Blackpoint's new initiative to support MSP business growth in cybersecurity and beyond. Blackpoint is more than MDR - with our ecosystem approach and dedication to partner success, we're committed to helping you foster principles of leadership and excellence that fuel your scalability.

Panel Discussion: Operating on the Offense with Security Experts
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