Blackpoint University goes beyond cybersecurity to educate you in maturing the core pillars of your MSP business and empower you in striving for excellence.  

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Elite Learning for MSP Businesses

The Premier Curriculum for MSPs


Explore principles of effective leadership that help you create a culture of excellence.

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Sales & GTM Strategy

Learn how to develop an effective, agile approach to sales in a changing economy. 

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Threat Operations

Understand the elements of SOC operations and how to build an effective tech stack.

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Learn how compliance complements a cyber strategy and demonstrates maturity.

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Understand the shifting market and how to strategically leverage insurance as a business driver.

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Discover the key metrics you need to drive your MSP’s business success.

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to level up your MSP business in cybersecurity and beyond?

Inaugural Launch Event: IT Nation Secure Pre-Day

June 5, 2023  |  Orlando, FL

A Pre-Day Event at IT Nation Secure

Live MSP Master Class from Blackpoint University

Join us for a day of educational programming designed to empower MSPs to mature your core business operations. The curriculum will feature six different training tracks to enhance your business and sales acumen and support your success. Session includes lunch.

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  • Create a culture of excellence
  • Strengthen your security ops 
  • Master the metrics of growth 
  • Strategize success in a changing economy 
  • Leverage frameworks for a competitive edge 
  • Amplify the value of protection



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Access our curriculum anytime, wherever you are. 

BU courses will help you:

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• Create a culture of excellence
• Strengthen your security ops
• Master the metrics of growth
• Strategize success in a changing economy
• Leverage frameworks for a competitive edge
• Amplify the value of protection

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Meet the Speakers

Blackpoint University courses are taught by best-in-class leaders from the military, intelligence, and business communities.

Wil Santiago, VP Threat Operations, Blackpoint Cyber

Wil Santiago has been tracking nation-state advanced persistent threats (APTs) and cybercriminals for 12 years in both the government and the private sector. A US Navy veteran, he has worked for the NSA and the Department of Defense. Wil is experienced in threat hunting, penetration testing, incident response and open-source intelligence (OSINT). In his role at Blackpoint, WIl heads up the 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

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Mike Yang has more than 20 years of financial leadership and executive experience. Prior to Blackpoint, he consistently drove profitability and delivered financial results in VP, CFO and senior roles at Zuora, Juniper and Cisco Systems. As CFO of Blackpoint, Mike works with the leadership team and Board of Directors to create the processes and infrastructure necessary to drive a healthy and sustainable growth model.

Mike Yang, Chief Financial Officer, Blackpoint Cyber

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Kabe Roashan is a veteran sales leader with 23 years in the cybersecurity industry, during which he helped obscure venture-backed SaaS startups achieve worldwide market leadership. His experience includes 13 years as VP of Sales at Proofpoint, where he helped grow the business from $20M to $1.5B in annual recurring revenue. In his current role, he works on finding, funding and helping the next generation of company builders.

Kabe Roashan, Chief Revenue Officer and General Partner, Inflection Ventures 

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With eight years of experience in the cyber insurance industry including four years in senior VP roles, Yenu Wojado has a wealth of expertise in cybersecurity and privacy risk. In addition to holding a Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree, her diverse background includes media and journalism, bringing a deep understanding of communication and the legal landscape to effectively address cyber risk challenges.

Yenu Wodajo, Senior Vice President, Trium Cyber

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During his 30 years as an Army Special Forces officer, or Green Beret, John operated around the world in times of peace, crisis and war, giving him a unique perspective on leadership. He held various command and staff positions, including commanding Special Forces companies and leading deployments to Pakistan and the Baltic States. He has served in strategic roles in the White House, Homeland Security Council, and the Department of Defense.

John Fenzel, Retired senior Army Special Forces officer

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