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In May of 2022, the Five Eyes, a global alliance of security authorities, published a joint security advisory calling on MSPs to bolster their defense posture. As malicious attacks targeting MSPs and their customers continue to trend, it’s time to shore up your defenses and make sure you are minimizing your attack surface. 

Complete the form to access our free resource, the Cyber Defense Actions Checklist. This checklist outlines what MSPs can do and how to get started. We are here to keep you safe so you can focus on what matters most – your customers.

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Your Security Plan, Defined

It’s time to take the target off your back. While the MSP market is experiencing a clear uptick in threats, you can level up your defense posture and stay out of the crosshairs. Following the right best practices and having a streamlined, effective security stack means all the difference. In this checklist, learn how to:

Beat Them to the Punch  
Don’t give the adversary even the smallest fighting chance. Adopting the right security best practices ensures your business can continue to operate effectively and is set up for long-term success.

Keep Your House in Order
While staving off cyber adversaries is an ongoing endeavor, understanding the importance of regular cyber hygiene is a significant part of an MSP’s cyber offense strategy. Consistency is key.

Give the Hackers a Hard Time
Malicious behavior is part of the business, but you can learn to thrive in the cyber threat landscape. Businesses that take security seriously have a real competitive edge over ones that operate under vulnerable circumstances.

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