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Blackpoint’s CEO, Jon Murchison, is joined by the CEO of ScalePad, Dan Wensley, and CEO of Quickpass, Mateo Barraza for this conversational webinar!


The Critical Nature of Vendor Selection 

Each with their unique perspective, they discuss the importance of choosing the correct vendor(s) for your company. Good technology gets vendors a place at the table, but what should managed service providers take into consideration past that? 

Your suite of vendors becomes just as much a part of your company as your internal team. You need to ensure they are serving your clients to the same degree as you—protecting their data, prioritizing their operations, and helping them grow. 

Learn what to look for in a vendor, and what to steer clear of, with Jon, Dan, and Mateo!

Jon Murchison started his career in network engineering and IT operations until entering the intelligence community. With more than 12 years of experience as an NSA computer operations expert and IT professional, he brings a unique perspective to developing cyber defense software. As the founder and CEO of Blackpoint Cyber, Jon drives our efforts to create innovative and efficacious solutions, helping businesses fight back cyberthreats. 

Mateo Barraza is a technologist at heart with a deep passion for computer software and cybersecurity. He carries over 20 years of knowledge and experience building software products in the financial, aerospace, and telecom industries. Currently, Mateo serves as CEO and co-founder of Quickpass Cybersecurity, which focuses on identity and privileged access management in the MSP industry. 

Dan Wensley is an accomplished channel chief and has built a trusted reputation in the partner ecosystem. Aside from being a pioneer in the MSP software market, he also helped guide the industry as a former board member of CompTIA. As the CEO of ScalePad, Dan’s focus is to bring innovative solutions to the MSP market. 

Hosted by Justin Weller, Director of Business Development, Blackpoint Cyber