Hitting a Moving Target

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In an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, staying ahead of adversaries requires constant vigilance and the best toolset possible within your security stack. The team at Blackpoint has worked hard this year to bring you new features that add value and provide superior protection for you and your customers. These new releases are designed to improve your cyber hygiene by reducing your attack surface and hardening your environment.  

Join Blackpoint’s Director of Business Development, Justin Weller, to hear about the work Blackpoint has done this year to stay ahead of malicious actors for our MPS partners. Tune in for a full breakdown on: 

Meet Your Host, Justin Weller 

The Importance of an Evolving Security Stack

Justin has been in the IT industry for almost 10 years. After working for, then running, MSPs, he joined Datto’s team for three years, specializing in PSA and RMMs. Justin came aboard the Blackpoint team this fall and has used his background in both sales and tech to help communicate the Blackpoint message. With Justin, you’re in for a dynamic and enthusiastic conversation! 

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Rethink your security stack and deliver cybersecurity that’s both effective and affordable.

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