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Nation States’ Impact on Cyber Insurance 

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Join our panel of experts to unpack the role of nation state activity and its impact on the cyberthreat landscape as we look ahead to 2023. Chris Wilkerson, VP of RISK and Head of Insurance, is joined by David Rushmer, Director of Threat Research, and Daniel Carr, Head of Cyber at Ariel Re. 

Together, they examine the role of cyber insurance and discuss what recent announcements and regulatory restrictions from the global insurance market mean for coverage now and in the future. As the head of Blackpoint’s Adversary Pursuit Group, David examines trends in nation-state tradecraft, as well as preparedness strategy and attribution. 

Tune in to this timely and lively discussion!

Meet the Panel

Chris Wilkerson 
VP of RISK, Head of Insurance, Blackpoint Cyber

Chris began his cyber brokerage career managing a book of pre- and post-IPO tech companies. Over the next 20 years, he managed large-scale risk initiatives for various global Fortune 50 corporations. With experience leading cybersecurity and financial risk strategies, he joined our team to focus on growing Blackpoint RISK, our cyber liability insurance offering.  

David Rushmer 
Director of Threat Research, Head of  APG, Blackpoint Cyber

David’s career began with developing and operating large-scale analytical platforms aimed at providing cyber defense. His focus then shifted to defensive research and operations, leading him to join the Blackpoint team. As the leader of APG, David provides threat intel, analyzes attack vectors, and aids with product development. 

Daniel Carr 
Head of Cyber, Ariel Re

Daniel leads the cyber business at Ariel Re—a global reinsurance business with offices in Bermuda, London, and Hong Kong, writing on behalf of Lloyd’s of London Syndicate 1910. An accomplished cybersecurity and (re)insurance executive, Daniel has a track record of using deep technical expertise to build and deliver successful and highly profitable businesses to manage and mitigate digital risk.