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Mike Yang, CFO, Blackpoint Cyber

David Rushmer
Director of Threat Research

Managed EDR is our next-level integration offering, partnering with key players in the EDR space to take the weight of alert management off your shoulders. For a closer look at this Blackpoint capability, tune in to David Rushmer and  Justin Weller’s conversation. They discuss how our 24/7 SOC and patented MDR ingests EDR metadata and responds to the alerts on your behalf. When you add proactive threat hunting to your security stack, you and your customers can experience a new level of efficiency and scalability.

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Attendees walk away with an understanding of the available integrations and the power to focus your attention elsewhere!

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Justin Weller
Director of Business Development

Justin Weller, Director of Business Development

David’s career began with developing and operating large-scale analytical platforms aimed at providing cyber defense. His focus then shifted to defensive research and operations, leading him to join the Blackpoint team. As the leader of APG, David provides threat intel, analyzes attack vectors, and aids with product development.

Justin Weller has been in the IT industry for almost 10 years. After working for, then running, MSPs, he joined Datto’s team for three years, specializing in PSA and RMMs. Justin came aboard the Blackpoint team this fall and has used his background in both sales and tech to help communicate the Blackpoint message. With Justin, you’re in for a dynamic and enthusiastic conversation!

April 6, 2023

1 p.m. EST

Managed EDR Solutions