Partner Referral Program

Get Paid to Refer Your Network

Who will see the information you provide?

One of Blackpoint’s Business Development Representatives will use the form details to qualify your referral and reach out to them!

Whenever we get to interact with our partners at large, whether that’s on a webinar or at an event, we are reminded that you are our best advocates. We are always grateful for the online shoutouts, testimonials, and visitors you bring to our booth. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to launch our referral program! 

You can now get up to $1,000 for referring Blackpoint to a fellow MSP. 

Simply fill out the form and we will take it from there!

Refer Your Network

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What do they get?

One month of Blackpoint’s MDR service for free!

What do you get?

Up to $1,000 paid out 90 days after their deployment! 

Terms and conditions: 

  • Not be a current or former Blackpoint Cyber partner 
  • Not have completed a demo within the last six months  
  • For a referral to qualify, the MSP being referred must:  
  • Referral payout will be distributed 90 days from their first purchase date. Service from that purchase must still be active at the 90-day mark.
  • Referral payout amount will be tiered. If you refer an MSP with:
  • Up to 499 endpoints managed, you’ll get $250
  • Between 500-4,999 endpoints managed, you’ll get $750
  • 5,000 and more endpoints managed, you’ll get $1,000
  • Your payout options are:  
  • Credit on your monthly Blackpoint invoice 
  • Electronic or physical gift card of your choice
  • MSPs can refer as many other MSPs as they’d like, as long as they meet the criteria above!