Hear about the latest threats from the head of Blackpoint’s Adversary Pursuit Group  

Learn sales implementation strategies from Blackpoint’s Senior Partner Success Manager  

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Tales from the SOC

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It's critically important to understand current cyberthreats and how to defend against them. Join the Director of Threat Research, David Rushmer, and Director of Partner Success, Jamie Moore, to learn about these threats' impact on your business. Gain understanding of the difference between malware and tradecraft, why top performing MSPs map their environments, and how to properly defend your networks against the abuse of trusted IT tools. 

Session Speakers

Jamie Moore, 
Director of Partner Success 

David Rushmer, 
Director of Threat Research

Jamie Moore, Director of Partner Success
Travis Brittain, Director of Product Enablement

Implementing Threat Intel to Safeguard Your Business 

Discuss questions and concerns with the MSP community 

How to Defend Your Customers from Current Cyberthreats