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As we round out 2023, we’ve taken the time to look back on the most influential cyber adversaries this year. These five groups—BlackCat, LockBit, QakBot, Redline Stealer, and Akira—were top of mind, as they continue to dominate the space and innovate their methods in order to combat our most up-to-date countermeasures.

Recognizing these threat actors in the wild, with an understanding of:

  • how they work,
  • who they work with,
  • who they target, and
  • how they’ve evolved,

is key to instilling effective countermeasures that are targeted, adaptable, and resilient.

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The 5 Most Dominant Threat Actors of 2023

In this ebook you’ll learn:

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How the top TTPs observed work

What to look out for regarding each threat actor

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How to combat each group’s main TTPs

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How Blackpoint has combatted them in the past