The State of Cloud Security

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Introducing Blackpoint’s latest eBook, an indispensable guide for MSPs looking to expand their clientele and fortify their customers' cloud environments.

With over a year's experience in providing Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for the cloud, Blackpoint Cyber has crafted this eBook to offer a unique and detailed perspective on the current cloud security landscape.

If you're seeking to understand the cloud’s unique cyberthreats and which industries are the most vulnerable,
this brand-new eBook is tailored just for you. It is crucial to safeguard vulnerable companies in your community, as any compromise can be detrimental to their sensitive data and daily operations.

With targeted cyberattacks on the cloud occurring at almost double the rate as on-site environments, and the persistence of advanced cyberthreats, equipping your MSP with the knowledge to shield against them is imperative.

Examining the What, Who, and Why
with Blackpoint Cyber

Your path to robust cloud security starts here. Download the eBook now and step into the world of elite protection with Blackpoint Cyber!

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