IT Tools, Infostealers, and Account Compromise

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Blackpoint's Threat Operations Year in Review

Wil Santiago

Wil Santiago, VP of Threat Operations

Prior to joining Blackpoint, Wil was in the U.S Navy and had over nine years of private sector and government experience, tracking nation state advanced persistent threats (APT) and cybercriminals. He is experienced in threat hunting, pen testing, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), and cyberthreat analysis. In the spring of 2022, he was promoted from his role as the Director of Threat Operations.

In 2022, threat actors found many innovative ways to breach network environments. Human-operated ransomware attacks continued at a steady pace as threat actors were able to weaponize a plethora of exploits, leading to multiple zero-day vulnerabilities uncovered in 2022. Blackpoint Cyber observed multiple threat groups move from traditional offensive security tools to legitimate IT tools, repurposing them as malicious software. 

Additionally, our SOC team responded to a sharp increase in infostealers meant to steal sensitive data from unwitting victims. 

Finally, we observed many Microsoft 365 account compromises and an increase in targeted password spraying activity amongst our customer base. To hear all about it, tune into our Threat Operations Year in Review.  

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David Rushmer, Director of Threat Research

David’s career began with developing and operating large-scale analytical platforms aimed at providing cyber defense. His focus then shifted to defensive research and operations, leading him to join the Blackpoint team. As the leader of APG, David provides threat intel, analyzes attack vectors, and impacts product development.

David Rushmer

Jason Rathbun, Technical Director of Threat Operations 

Jason has been with Blackpoint’s SOC for two years, focused on tracking potential indicators of compromise, while responding to any threats found in real-time to eradicate adversaries from customers’ networks. He has experience in red teaming, OSINT, malware development, and reverse engineering. Jason’s passion for cybersecurity has led to his recent promotion, prior to which he was one of Blackpoint’s Senior MDR Analysts. 

Jason Rathbun
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Justin Weller, Director of Business Development