Cyber Security Conference for MSPs


Watch this virtual conference featuring Blackpoint Cyber and tech giants Datto, Webroot, Marketopia, ID Agent, Compliancy Group, Titan HQ, Prosource Technologies Inc., Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT), Convergint Technologies, and Atlantic Data Forensics covering all the ways to remain secure , lucrative, and resilient in the remote age we’re currently living in.


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Day 1 Breakdown

National Security Implications of
The Coronavirus Outbreak

  • Michael Morell, Former Deputy Director and Acting Director CIA

Security in the MSP Space: Threats, Opportunities, & Strategies to Position Yourself for Success

  • Matt Solomon, VP of Business Development at ID Agent

Lead Generation in a
Virtual World

  • Andra Hedden, CMO of Marketopia

Compliance Comes Home - How to Maintain HIPAA Compliance in a Remote World

  • Paul Redding, VP Partner Engagement & Cyber Security at Compliancy Group

Three Magic Things

  • Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics

How To Remain Secure, Lucrative, and Resilient in a Remote World Panel

  • Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director of NSA | Dr. Ronald Clark, Former DHS and NSC | Jon Murchison, Founder and CEO of Blackpoint Cyber | Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics

The Forgotten Network: Cyber Security for Smart Property Infrastructures

  • Ken Kurz, CISSP, VP of Information Technology/CIO at Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)

The Convergence of Physical and Cybersecurity: IoT and OT Risks to Networks

  • Kevin Donegan, VP Strategy & Cyber at Convergint, former Commander of US 5th Fleet and Director of Ops at CENTCOM

Day 2 Breakdown

Why Nation States Will Continue
to Target MSPs

  • Bill Priestap, Former FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence

The Managed Services Industry is on Fire – Is It Burning Down, or Red Hot with Opportunity?

  • Eric Torres, Director of Channel Development at Datto, Inc.

The Detect and Respond Talk Track for SMBs ​

  • Jamie M. Moore, Customer Engagement Manager at Prosource Technologies Inc.

The Threat Landscape of a Remote Workforce

  • Xavier Salinas, VP of Threat Operations at Blackpoint Cyber

2020 Webroot Threat Report

  • Tyler Moffitt, Security Analyst at Webroot & Carbonite

DNS & Email Security Concerns for Remote Workers

  • Conor Madden, Sales Director at TitanHQ

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast: Ideas for Navigating Complexity from a Navy SEAL

  • Dave Sears, Co-founder of Xundis Global, Commander (Ret.), US Navy (SEAL)


We had a BLAST with this event. Join us next time


Obtain extremely valuable advice from some of the top minds in security, marketing, compliance, and other industries.


Recordings UNlocked

Videos above have now been unlocked. Enjoy!