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Thursday, April 29 @ 1PM MST

You don’t want to miss this timely Cyber Security webinar featuring industry professionals from Digital DataComm and Blackpoint.  

Join us to discuss what you need to know about the current state of cyber security and how to secure your organization effectively >>> 

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Digital DataComm and Blackpoint are collaborating to help our customers learn more about and understand the extremely real threat that exists today.
Cyber attacks are on the rise, as evidenced by the recent attack on the US government. As the attackers boost their capabilities and exhibit more unpredictability in their cyber attack strategies, businesses need to be prepared and up their defenses.  You don’t have to be alone on the battlefield, we can help. 

Why Digital DataComm and Blackpoint?

Digital DataComm has partnered with Blackpoint to bring you cyber security protection and threat detection. We chose Blackpoint as our partner because together we can bring you affordable and effective cyber protection against emerging threats.