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ConnectWise Manage

This integration allows Blackpoint partners using ConnectWise Manage to pull a list of existing Connectwise Manage Companies to create Blackpoint customers. In addition, the integration enables partners to map products in ConnectWise Manage’s Product Catalog to Blackpoint products and services. Once mapping is established, changes to Blackpoint customer accounts sync automatically to mapped agreements in ConnectWise Manage for a particular mapped company.

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This integration provides Blackpoint customers who use Webroot with enhanced MDR service. By default, our agent looks for Webroot’s, so there’s no need to enter an API. The integration enables Blackpoint’s 24/7 MDR service to ingest Webroot alerts and device metadata. When Webroot generates an actionable alert, it is reviewed and triaged by an experienced MDR security analyst who uses Blackpoint’s patented SNAP-Defense technology to investigate further and resolve any lingering threats.

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