FRIDAY, NOV 1 | IT Nation connect 2019

1:30 - 2:30PM

Speaker: Bill Priestap
Former FBI Assistant Director of Counterintelligence and Advisor to the Blackpoint Board of Directors

MSPs are an extremely valuable target for cyber attackers at the nation-state level because these companies create a much larger attack surface for them to exploit.

Once they gain access to an MSP network, they can easily move between an MSP and its customers' shared networks - laterally spreading from network to network in the blink of an eye. Threat actors are using stolen credentials and pre-installed system tools to gain access to the MSP networks - once in, they will spy on companies, steal sensitive data, and disrupt business operations.

This session will cover this topic at the highest level and provide MSPs valuable tips and advice on how to protect their networks from becoming a valuable asset to a nation-state hacker. MSPs may believe that it won't happen to them; they are wrong.

MSPs, nation states

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