Blackpoint Community Protection Program

Enjoy internal-use NFR licenses of the comprehensive Blackpoint Response security bundle including 24/7/365 SOC support that responds on your behalf, so you can focus on your business.

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Mitigate risks faster with a security partner who responds on your behalf.

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

With your business protected, you can focus on your customers.

Deploy Within

Rapid, remote deployment, with no downtime.

Put your oxygen mask on first

You can’t protect your customers if your business is attacked. Blackpoint Community Protection Program keeps your business running, so you can focus on taking care of your customers and expanding your business.

Active Response
Endpoint Tradecraft Protection
Cloud Tradecraft Protection
Real-Time Ransomware Response
Malware Protection
Identity Tradecraft Protection
Credential Breach Identification
Application Control
Vulnerability Management

One vendor, comprehensive protection

Avoid the cost and headache of having to piece together standalone tools. Our suite of mission-critical security solutions provides endpoint to cloud protection, at no cost.

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“We found out that it’s been somewhere in that five to 20-minute timeframe that we’re getting that first phone call, and the remediation is usually fairly quick…when you catch something fast enough, it’s a lot easier to remediate.”

– Dawn Sizer, CEO, 3rd Element MSP