Utilize Blackpoint’s Dark Web Monitoring capability to highlight the importance of cyber hygiene with your prospects. Continue that value by providing customers with automated reports to ensure their credentials and assets remain secure.

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Minimize Risk

Address compromised identities before they are exploited in an attack.

Enhance Customer

Showcase visibility of threats your customers may not be aware of.

Provide Continuous

Deliver automated scanning and stay alert to new potential threats.

Mitigate risks, enhance trust

Showcase your threat intelligence and vigilance through proactive patrolling of data both in and around customer environments. What they don’t know may very well hurt them. Don’t let it.

Capability without complexity

Rely on Blackpoint’s continuous monitoring, email notifications and automated reports to uncover at-risk credentials without requiring time or resources from your business.

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“Taking a peek into the dark web? Best move we’ve made. We’re giving our clients the lowdown on exactly what dangers they’re up against and how to beat them. It’s made our services way more personal and spot-on, which really makes a difference in how clients see the value we bring to the table.”

– Matthew Hodson, Co-Founder, CIO, Valeo Networks Inc.