Providing unified, 24/7 detection and response services to organizations of all sizes around the world.

Our Mission

We win the unfair cyber fight while helping others protect what’s most important to them. Bringing pain to the adversaries, our team takes out the advanced persistent threats found in today’s cyber landscape before they can even see us coming.

We know how to fight and defend. That includes protecting what we believe in.

Our Values

Blackpoint values high-quality execution, ownership, and strong morals. With us, principles are never tested, and we are proud to always do right by our customers before all else.


Continuous Innovation

From adversity comes change and growth. Blackpoint strives to stay agile and sharp as the cyberthreat landscape shifts. We fight against stagnation and challenge ourselves to always find another angle, another improvement, another idea.


Adaptation & Evolution

At Blackpoint, we like to beat the adversaries at their own game. As threats become more sophisticated, we force ourselves to think ahead and move faster than they do. Open to learning and taking calculated risks, we keep evolving into the next best version of ourselves.


Dedication to Our Customers

No matter how difficult the situation, Blackpoint never wavers in putting our customers first. Respecting our customers means respecting our purpose in this industry. Zero compromise on our values is our legacy and promise to our customers.

Our People

Define Yourself at Blackpoint

When you join our team, you’re shaping the future of cybersecurity as we know it. At Blackpoint, challenge yourself, explore new opportunities, and build something worth sharing in this changing cyber landscape. Our employees are supported as they strive for more in their careers.
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Competitive Salaries

We know your worth and reward talent, hard work, and dedication.

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Full Medical Benefits

Here’s to good health and good times beating the hackers at their game.

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Flexible Work Environments

We seek the best talent there is, wherever you are.

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People Power

Blackpoint values diversity and inclusivity, promoting equality starting with our own.

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Professional Development

Mentor and train under the guidance of this nation’s security leaders.

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Retirement Planning

The long-term plan is just as important – let us support that.

Blackpoint Cyber team in office and at event

One mission, endless opportunities.

Talent Across the Globe

If you’re a driven professional with a passion for learning and contributing towards the best, then Blackpoint welcomes you. Our team is energetic and collaborative, maintaining a high-performance culture and enabling growth through overcoming challenges in the modern cyberthreat landscape.