Managed Defender for Endpoint

Get the most out of your Microsoft Defender for Endpoint investment with Managed Defender for Endpoint. In addition to the functionality of Managed EDR, you can manage and apply Defender for Endpoint policies to multiple customers at once, directly within the Blackpoint portal. Best practices informed by our APG are also available for quick setup.

Close the Gap in Detection

These Managed EDR solutions provide Blackpoint users with enhanced MDR services. Managed EDR enables Blackpoint’s 24/7 MDR to ingest the solutions’ alerts and device metadata. This insight provides the Blackpoint response team with increased visibility and context into security events. When an actionable alert is generated, it is assessed, triaged, and responded to by our experienced MDR security analysts. Using Blackpoint’s patented technology, SNAP-Defense, they’re able to investigate further and resolve any lingering threats.

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Expert response team on your behalf

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Reduce costs necessary for additional staff

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Increase revenue by cutting time spent triaging alerts

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Decrease risk by adding a defensive layer to your EDR

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