The Blackpoint Ecosystem

To take the target off your back, we created the Blackpoint ecosystem – a fully managed, integrated ecosystem of services with our powerful nation-state-grade MDR technology at its core. Blackpoint keeps you paces ahead by navigating the threat landscape for you and taking out your adversaries before they can see us coming.

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At the Core – Managed Detection & Response

Solution Breakdown

Disrupt the hacker timeline. Blackpoint Cyber’s purpose-built MDR technology combines network visualization, tradecraft detection, and endpoint security to rapidly detect and neutralize lateral movement in its earliest stages. Faster than any other solution on the market, we harness metadata around suspicious events, hacker tradecraft, and remote privileged activity to stop advanced attacks immediately.

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Guarding the Perimeters – 
Blackpoint Add-ons

Solution Breakdown

Hyper-efficient logging and compliance. Hyper-efficient logging and compliance. LogIC uses Blackpoint’s MDR to enhance the value of security logs and telemetry collected from your network, turning data into real-time threat hunting and response. With LogIC, quickly add log sources, generate compliance reports, and automatically map against hundreds of compliance requirements with simple, push-button setup.

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Guarding the Perimeters – 
Blackpoint Add-ons

Solution Breakdown

Active response for your cloud. Blackpoint Cloud Response extends the power of our MDR service to support the increasing shift to hybrid and cloud environments. Focus on your operations knowing that our 24/7 SOC actively monitors your cloud and provides a fast and unified response to adversarial threats on your behalf.

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Guarding the Perimeters – 
Blackpoint Add-ons

Solution Breakdown

Insurance, powered by Blackpoint. With RISK, MSP and enterprise clients access market-leading cyber coverage from top global insurers, integrated with and delivered alongside nation-state-grade true MDR and Cloud Response. Partner with our team of dedicated industry leaders to actively protect your business.

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Managed EDR

Streamlined managed endpoint security

Blackpoint Cyber takes integrating with your preferred third-party endpoint security solution a step further, providing you with a robust, streamlined cybersecurity ecosystem. In addition to visibility, the Blackpoint SOC quickly and effectively remediates attacks by acting upon alerts on your behalf. Enhance your overall posture and drive operational efficiency through the power of Managed EDR.


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Patented Real-Time Threat Detection

Blackpoint Cyber catches them fast and hits them hard. Using our proprietary security operations and incident response platform, SNAP-Defense, we monitor for active threats in your environment and neutralize them in their earliest stages. Our technology is built from the ground up to give our analysts the ability to continuously monitor and respond to the modern threat landscape.

24/7 Incident Monitoring & Response

Established by former US government cybersecurity operators, the Blackpoint SOC leverages its deep knowledge of hacker tradecraft and real-world cyber experience to provide 24/7, unified detection and response services. Our fully managed SOC team monitors your unique environment around the clock so you can focus on growing your business and safeguarding your clients.

Rapid Agent Deployment

Our world-class cybersecurity ecosystem completes the hard work for you. While other services on the market take days and weeks to tune events, we offer same-day agent deployment to start protecting your diverse environments within minutes. Trust Blackpoint Cyber to provide a streamlined onboarding experience so you can get coverage without compromising efficiency.

Tried & Trusted by the Industry

Our partners rely on us for effective, robust, & high-performing cybersecurity that protects against today’s & tomorrow’s threats. Partner with the team winning the fight for you.

What Partners Say About Us

“Superior Company, Product & Customer Service!”

This 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring at an affordable price is by far the best out there. The real-time threat detection and response is critical for our clients. The product nearly sells itself, but there is always help from our Partner Success Manager who is just a phone call, email, or text away. Outstanding customer service. The installation support team is easy to work with, always helpful, friendly and professional. I can’t say enough about this company!

Patricia C Business Manager

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