The Blackpoint Difference

A True Protector

Designed with MDR objectives and workflows in mind, we built the Blackpoint ecosystem to detect breaches faster than any other solution on the market. Harnessing metadata around suspicious events, hacker tradecraft, and remote privileged activity, we take out your adversaries before they can see us coming.


Blackpoint At-a-Glance

Change How You Protect Your Business

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Cybersecurity Leadership

Blackpoint values ownership, strong ethics, and quality execution. Our leadership team is committed to defending the cyber community so you can focus on supporting your customers.

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Commitment to Our Partners

We are proud to serve our partners and deliver true protection from adversaries threatening your livelihood. From our technology to our operations, Blackpoint keeps our partner’s needs top of mind.

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Real-World Threat Expertise

Founded by former National Security Agency (NSA) cyber operations experts, our team continues to bring nation-state-grade technologies and tactics to our partners around the world.

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24/7 MDR Protection

Our Managed Detection and Response solution provides 24/7 protection against even the most advanced of modern-day cyberthreats. Sleep easy knowing we guard your business around the clock.

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Rapid Detection & Response

Faster than any other solution on the market, our world-class SOC combines network visualization, tradecraft detection, and endpoint security to detect lateral movement in its earliest stages and stop the spread.

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True, Action-Focused Approach

Blackpoint detects and detains threats on your behalf immediately. By the time you hear from us, the threat has already been triaged and removed from your environment. Trust us to provide real action, not just notifications.

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One Ecosystem, All Around Protection

The Blackpoint Cyber Ecosystem

Your cybersecurity stack needs to provide meaningful visibility across an IT environment. That’s why our ecosystem ensures you are collecting the right information, not mass information. True value is in real-time data interpretation allowing for immediate response. Here’s where the Blackpoint Cyber ecosystem comes into play.

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Navigation route along mountain with Blackpoint Ecosystem solutions as map points along the route

Introducing Managed Defender for Endpoint

Streamlined Managed Endpoint Security

A fully managed version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is now available through Blackpoint. Directly within our portal, Blackpoint partners can easily control policies and apply them to multiple customers at once, saving time and effort. Settings based on our best practices are also available for quick setup. With the goal to create efficacious and complementary solutions, Managed Defender for Endpoint brings the benefits of antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response, and Advanced Threat Protection to the Blackpoint ecosystem.

Vulnerability Scan is better than ever!

Blackpoint has reengineered our external threat detection capability to improve both accuracy and design. Vulnerability Scan is a free tool partners can utilize to generate reports of known vulnerabilities within one or more external IP addresses. This tool is a crucial piece when educating your prospective clients on their need for fully managed security services. Set yourself apart from the competition today.

Tried & Trusted by the Industry

Our partners rely on Blackpoint for effective, high-performance, and robust cybersecurity that protects against today’s and tomorrow’s threats. Win the unfair fight with us in your corner.

What Partners Say About Us

“Blackpoint – The Spear in Your Cyber Defense Program!”

Time: It’s the most crucial statistic in a cyberattack. It’s what we all wish we had more of. We often hear phrases such as: “If we had caught the bad guys sooner” or “If I had only had more time to isolate those endpoints.” Time is always the difference between a successful ransomware attack and one that is stopped before it could ever begin. That is where Blackpoint Cyber’s early detection point in the cyber kill chain sets them apart. They detect network enumeration and lateral spread attempts before an attacker can ever get a foothold in your network. Their 24/7 live threat hunting gives me and my customers peace of mind. I also appreciate the tight integration with our other cybersecurity investments.

Jason M Director of IT

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