Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are facing a cyberattack landscape of increasing volume and sophistication. To secure their environments, SMBs often look to managed service provider (MSP) partners.

However, with ever-growing demand for cybersecurity professionals, the skills gap currently stands at a shortfall of 3.4 million workers globally. In a talent-scarce environment, MSPs often find it challenging to build and staff their own security operations center (SOC). More and more, MSPs are turning to a dedicated managed detection and response (MDR) provider like Blackpoint Cyber for critical security tools and response services.

Small and Medium Business customers and their MSP partners often rely on Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft Defender for Business and Microsoft 365 Business Premium to to run and secure their business. To help MSPs better serve their SMB customers, Blackpoint is pleased to showcase a few of our services that are tailored for the Microsoft environment:

  • Cloud monitoring and response for Microsoft 365, including Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • A fully managed EDR service for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Business

Defender for Business provides SMBs with enterprise-grade endpoint protection for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS devices, while Business Premium extends this to also include email security, identity and access management, and more.

Maximize your Cybersecurity with expert response

These solutions enhance Microsoft’s proven technologies with Blackpoint’s proprietary MDR technology and our human experts to hunt down and halt malicious attacker behavior in the cloud, on-prem, and wherever it lurks. Blackpoint’s team of SOC experts investigate, triage, and remediate the alerts generated by Microsoft’s endpoint protection, relieving MSP IT teams of this burden. Based on contextual data within your Microsoft 365 environment, we also provide immediate, active response against anomalous behavior in the cloud. What is more, we take proactive measures to harden your attack surface, threat-hunting the environment to identify any indicators of ongoing attacks.

“Microsoft and Blackpoint share a deep commitment to the MSP community,” says Rob Lefferts, CVP, Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Sentinel Engineering. “Blackpoint’s solutions build on Microsoft security technologies with 24/7 security expertise and best practices to help ensure that SMBs and MSP partners have the robust security they need.”

Realize the benefits of 24/7 security

Blackpoint’s integrations with the Microsoft environment offer a range of advantages to Microsoft-enabled MSPs, allowing them to save money, streamline their technology stacks, and increase efficiency. Here are just some of the key benefits you will experience:

Extended protection. Blackpoint’s experts help to monitor, investigate, triage, and remediate alerts and incidents for cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments. Our machine-to-machine understanding and patented live network map give us a holistic view of the network. This context and visibility to track malicious actors’ movements and communication has enabled the fastest response and highest efficacy rate in the market. Beyond the endpoint, Blackpoint extends to Microsoft 365, supporting cloud operations with active monitoring and response for email, collaboration, and access management.

Simplified security operations. Easily control policies and apply them to multiple customers directly within Blackpoint’s portal all at once, saving you time and effort. Let Blackpoint’s experts handle the alerts for you, easing the burden on your staff and freeing them up to better serve your customers.

Quick and easy to deploy. Blackpoint provides a seamless Microsoft integration experience within our centralized portal, enabling you to effortlessly set up, configure, and manage your Microsoft security environment via Blackpoint.

Easy scaling. With Blackpoint handling your alerts and triaging, you can scale up your business without reducing your customers’ quality of service when it comes to security. Our aim is to help MSPs grow and scale while we ensure their customers are protected, boosting profitability and value.

Cost-effective. 64% of SMB buyers prefer to purchase software solutions as a package or suite of solutions that meets all their business needs. With our cost-effective package, Blackpoint Response, MSPs get access to our full suite of Microsoft-tailored solutions plus value-added products to streamline the MSP security stack and increase margins.

Blackpoint Cyber’s Microsoft-tailored technologies include:

Cloud Response: 24/7 active cloud monitoring and response exclusive to Microsoft 365 environments, including Microsoft 365 Business Premium, covering Azure Active Directory, Exchange, and SharePoint.

Managed Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Business: Experience simplified deployment and monitoring of endpoint security policies, plus full-service response to alerts handled by our dedicated SOC team of experts, for an enhanced cybersecurity posture.

Vulnerability Management: Gain enhanced visibility into the internal and cloud environments your organization protects. Use Internal Scan to see vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and Cloud Scan to compare your environment’s security measures to CIS Benchmarks.

In Conclusion

Working in tandem with Microsoft Defender for Business and Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Blackpoint enables MSPs to provide customers round-the-clock security monitoring and protection, without the burden of managing a full-scale SOC. You and your customers get the enterprise-grade protection of Microsoft, with nation-state-grade MDR services from Blackpoint through our easy-to-deploy portal that is simple to manage.

At Blackpoint, we know better than anyone how to protect businesses against malicious attacker tradecraft in real time.

For a taste of how Blackpoint Cyber extends the power of Microsoft security, see us in action.

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