New Growth, Continued Dedication

For eight years, we’ve provided businesses around the world with robust, pragmatic cybersecurity solutions. While our services and team have grown, Blackpoint Cyber continues to be a forerunner in the managed detection and response (MDR) space, protecting you from even the most advanced of adversaries. Now, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website! We look forward to reflecting our unwavering dedication to our MSP and SMB partners in our new branding and connecting with even more businesses, navigating you through the ever-changing cyber threat landscape with our cyber ecosystem and 24/7 team.

Welcome to the New Blackpoint Cyber Website

Outside of our nation-state grade ecosystem, we aim to provide true value to our partners. The more Blackpoint grows, the more we aim to empower our partners with the right knowledge and insights you need to bolster your cybersecurity posture. Check out Blogs, Podcasts, Case Studies, and On-Demand Webinars in our Resource Library. Additionally, head to the Events and Webinars page to register for an upcoming virtual or in-person event!

  • Blogs: Check out our blog for valuable insights, threat intelligence, and industry news that’ll help build your offense and sharpen your defense.
  • Podcasts: Last October at our first annual Blackpoint ReCON virtual event, we launched Blackpoint’s very own podcast, The Unfair Fight. Get closer to the action with our Founder and CEO, Jon Murchison as he invites various leaders and fighters across the industries to chat about all things cybersecurity and get real about trending topics in the defense channel.
  • Events & Webinars: We proudly serve the infosec community, sharing industry insights and thought leadership, and connecting you with other experts in the channel. Join the discussion by registering for our upcoming events and webinars! 
    • Ready to dive deeper? Watch our on-demand webinar in the Resource Library. Be sure to check back as more get uploaded.

Our Brand: A True Protector in the Dynamic Threat Landscape

We understand that MSPs are under a heightened level of responsibility now, not only to provide technical assistance and guidance but also to protect your clients with effective and high-performing security services. Attackers know that if they compromise one MSP, they can then access multiple customers and vendors at the same time. With that in mind, we have designed this website to empower our partners and show that you’re not alone in navigating this dynamic terrain. We look forward to providing even more expertise, all while taking the target off your back.

Our Company Values

The Blackpoint Team prides itself on giving hackers hell by fusing real security with real response. Our true, 24/7 MDR technology stops breaches by detecting them at the earliest signs of threat. Before even the most advanced adversaries can start to move laterally across your network, we are one step ahead of them, providing active response. Throughout all our growing services and products, our core values remain the backbone of our company. They permeate our processes, mindset, and people. Blackpoint continues to stand for:

  • Continuous Innovation: We implement change and growth when we experience adversity. Blackpoint strives to stay agile in the cyber threat landscape so that we can offer pragmatic, effective security. Trust us to take the lead in fighting stagnation. We’ll keep exploring innovations in cybersecurity solutions and bring them straight to you.
  • Adaptation & Evolution: We like to beat the adversaries at their own game. As threats become more sophisticated, we force ourselves to think ahead and move faster than they do. Feel supported to grow your business with us as we keep evolving into the next best version of our company and products, with an upgraded brand to match.
  • Respect & Dedication to Our Customers: Blackpoint never wavers in putting our partners first, the same way you have your customers’ needs top of mind. No matter what comes at us in the threat landscape, zero compromise on our values is our legacy and promise. We are proud to serve our partners and deliver true protection from even the most advanced adversaries threatening your livelihood.

Our Commitment to Serving this Community

Malicious actors continue to adapt and intensify, creating an ominous cyber landscape, but we are adamant about safeguarding and securing our network of partners. When you partner with Blackpoint, your business will be backed by world-class defenders that have unparalleled visibility into hacker tradecraft, lateral spread, and remote privileged activity. We have the fastest 24/7/365 proprietary tools on the market, working to defeat cybercrime on your behalf.

Adversely, many security services place the burden of response and action on their customers. Partnering with Blackpoint’s around-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC) team means we catch what other vendors or software miss and take care of the heavy lifting for you. Further, trusting our team means deeply experienced human analysts are defending your environment. We don’t leave it up to machines to catch malicious actors. Our real-time services allow you to focus on running your business or enjoying time off, regardless of what might be on the threat horizon.

Want something new to listen to?

Check out our podcast, The Unfair Fight, where you can hear industry insights from Blackpoint Cyber leadership and our special guests firsthand.