Last month, we released multiple product launches and updates, as we geared up for Q4 and another month full of trade shows. The industry trend toward product ecosystems has grown, inspiring us to broaden our offerings with innovative and efficacious solutions. Our adapted version of the five core pillars of NIST:

  • asset visibility,
  • network hardening,
  • threat detection,
  • real-time response, and
  • incident recovery,

serves as our north star when adding to our product stack. This led to the launch of four new product features:

  1. Blackpoint Response—Active response in one package
  2. Managed Defender for Endpoint—Streamlined managed endpoint security
  3. MDR for macOS—The power of MDR within your Mac
  4. Vulnerability Scan—External threat detection

Bundled offerings and protection for a more diverse range of work environments ensure you get the maximum possible coverage with the fastest ROI. Cybersecurity solutions are no longer a luxury, but a cost of doing business. Therefore, we aim to provide the highest quality solutions available, keeping our customers secure and insurable.

Our Adversary Pursuit Group (APG)—a team of researchers and reverse engineers—impacts our product roadmap as well. Their insight and intel enable us to not simply wonder, ‘What is next?’ but to go and find out for ourselves. With visibility into threats, we can better provide for and educate our partners.

Expand your Blackpoint ecosystem to stay ahead of cyberthreats with the following products and services:

MDE logoManaged Defender for Endpoint

In August, we launched our integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE). MDE is part of Microsoft’s 365 Business Premium license, saving users money on having to outsource their antivirus (AV)/Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions. This integration allows our SOC team to ingest alerts 24/7, increasing visibility into and context for security events in your environment.

Since then, we have expanded this product partnership to a fully managed version exclusively through Blackpoint Response, called Managed Defender for Endpoint. Understanding that much of our client base utilizes Microsoft Business and that MDE has grown in popularity, we sought out to make the solution as effective and easy to use as possible. You can now control MDE policies within the Blackpoint portal, applying them to multiple customers at once. Blackpoint’s best practices are also available for simple and secure setup. Not only that, but Managed Defender for Endpoint empowers you to utilize the Advanced Threat Protection function of Microsoft, cutting the bloat of other, third-party AV/EDR solutions!

Blackpoint Response

We have brought the best in active response to one cost-effective package, featuring Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Cloud Response, and Managed Defender for Endpoint. With Blackpoint Response, you will have everything you need to protect your modern hybrid workflows with comprehensive, next-generation endpoint protection, supported by our industry-leading MDR, and the best in Microsoft 365 protection and response.

Blackpoint MacOS Agent

macOS Agent

After many requests from our partner community, our MDR technology, SNAP-Defense, is now available to monitor and respond to threats on Apple devices running macOS. As the macOS market share in businesses continues to grow, you now have the capability to provide protection to those assets. With many departments or companies operating solely on Mac devices, we understand that offering this capability would not only help Blackpoint gain new partners, but help our partners gain new end customers as well. PC-only protection will no longer inhibit us or our partners from protecting a more diverse clientele. We are very excited for this launch, as we know it’s been requested and anticipated for quite some time.

Blackpoint Vulnerability Scan logo

Vulnerability Scan

After many conversations with partners, we have reengineered our external vulnerability scanning tool, improving both accuracy and design. Vulnerability Scan is a free tool you can use to generate reports of known vulnerabilities within one or more external IP addresses. This tool is a crucial piece when educating your prospective clients on their need for managed security services. When in a sales meeting, use Vulnerability Scan to instantly show stakeholders security issues they need to address. Not only will you be able to provide value through education, but also through your ability to address the issues on their behalf!

Next Steps

If you would like to further discuss any of the above launches, book a demo or schedule a call with your PSM. We are excited to improve our support for partners with these imperative and streamlined solutions. Our innovative technology is built with you in mind, so let us know what you’d like to see next!

About Blackpoint Cyber

Blackpoint Cyber is a provider of leading-edge cybersecurity threat hunting, detection, and response technology. Founded by former United States Department of Defense (DoD) and intelligence security experts, we fuse real security with real response to protect what’s most important to you. Our true, 24/7 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service works in tandem with our Security Operations Center (SOC) team to take in real-time threat alerts, respond immediately, and eradicate malicious actors’ access to your networks. Before lateral movement can happen, trust Blackpoint to eliminate any chance of further compromise. If you’re interested in decades of extensive knowledge in real-world defensive and offensive tactics protecting your and your clients’ businesses, contact us today!

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