The Undervalued Cost of Cybersecurity

Imagine you’re a small business owner who has recently navigated through the aftermath of a cybersecurity incident, only to discover that your most valuable assets were compromised for less than the cost of a daily coffee. This unsettling scenario highlights the harsh reality of cybercrime facilitated by Initial Access Brokers (IABs) operating in the dark corners of the internet.

In this scenario, an IAB, known by the alias “NetGateKeeper,” exploited a weak password on an outdated server to gain initial access to a company’s network, offering it up on the dark web for a mere $300. This access enabled cybercriminals to infiltrate the business, exfiltrate confidential data, and deploy ransomware, all for less than the cost of a mid-range smartphone. The ease and affordability with which this security was breached are both shocking and a call to action.

The Role of Initial Access Brokers

IABs are at the heart of a lucrative underground economy, specializing in the infiltration of corporate networks to sell unauthorized access to the highest bidder. This lucrative and covert secret economy has significantly altered the cybercrime landscape, highlighting a growing threat to businesses worldwide.

The Economics of IABs

IABs operate at the forefront of many types of cybercrime, capitalizing on the insatiable demand for unauthorized access to corporate networks. With the average cost of initial access dropping thousands of dollars, the role of IABs in the cybercrime-as-a-service industry has become both profitable and popular. This trend is facilitated by the relatively low barriers to entry and the absence of traditional job prerequisites, attracting an increasing number of individuals to this nefarious trade.

Navigating the Dark Web

The dark web, a collection of internet sites that are accessible only through specialized browsers, serves as the primary marketplace for IABs. It is part of the deep web, which encompasses all web content not indexed by search engines, and requires specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Therefore, it offers anonymity and a secure environment to conduct malicious actions such as stealing credentials, obtaining network access, and selling data to ransomware actors. All in all, this hidden segment of the internet plays a crucial role in the proliferation of cybercrime.

The Importance of Dark Web Monitoring

The rise of IABs and the affordability of network access on the dark web underscore the critical need for proactive security measures. Dark web monitoring tools have become essential for organizations in proactively detecting and mitigating threats posed by the trading and selling of sensitive data and credentials.

Blackpoint Cyber’s addition of Dark Web Monitoring into our comprehensive suite of offerings exemplifies our commitment to proactive cybersecurity. Our tool offers bi-weekly automated scanning, unlimited ad-hoc scans, and comprehensive visibility into compromised information, through email alerts and downloadable reports. With Dark Web Monitoring, businesses can ensure that they’re effectively protecting against the compromise of sensitive data.


The emergence of Initial Access Brokers as key players in the cyberthreat landscape necessitates a proactive approach to cybersecurity. The affordability and accessibility of network access on the dark web demand that businesses adopt robust security measures, including dark web monitoring, to safeguard against the compromise of sensitive information.

As the cybercrime landscape continues to evolve, staying ahead of threats with advanced monitoring and protective measures is paramount. Embracing these technologies and strategies can significantly mitigate the risk of cyberattacks and protect your most valuable assets from being compromised for a fraction of their worth.

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