Picture this: It’s the 4th of July, and you’re gearing up to host a party. You’re firing up the barbecue, filling the cooler, and blasting your summer playlist. The temperature is rising, making the open pool perfect for guests. It’s the ideal holiday so far, and you’re about to crack open your first cold one. Meanwhile, as you prepare to celebrate, cybercriminals are getting ready to strike. “Out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t apply to cybersecurity—in fact, it makes you the perfect target. 

Holidays, like the 4th of July, are prime time for cyberattacks. With your guard down and staff out of the office, your business, and the businesses you protect are left with unmonitored systems and weakened defenses. This creates the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to penetrate your environment and wreak havoc. 

As the threat landscape evolved with the advent of Generative AI and emerging attack vectors, we have observed a significant escalation in cyber threats during holidays over the past several years. Factors such as increased online activity, reduced staffing, and sophisticated attack techniques have made businesses particularly vulnerable – add a holiday break on top of that and it becomes a hacker’s dream come true. Some examples of holiday attacks over the past couple years are:

  • Kaseya Ransomware Attack (2021): Over the Fourth of July weekend, the REvil ransomware group exploited a vulnerability in Kaseya’s VSA software, affecting around 1,500 businesses globally by distributing ransomware through many MSPs.  
  • Marriott Data Breach (2018): Found during the holiday season, this breach exposed personal information of up to 500 million Marriott International guests due to unauthorized access to the Starwood reservation system. 
  • WannaCry Ransomware Attack (2017): During a major holiday weekend in May, the WannaCry ransomware exploited a Windows vulnerability, affecting hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, including critical infrastructure. 

Cybercriminals know that holiday periods are when businesses are at their weakest. The aftermath of such breaches can be catastrophic, leading to significant financial loss, damage to brand, and operational downtime.  

5 steps to enjoy worry-free celebrations.

  1. Address Cloud Misconfigurations: Regular audits, automated tools, and continuous monitoring can prevent cloud misconfigurations that expose sensitive data. 
  2. Implement MFA & Secure Password Policies: Use multifactor authentication (MFA) and enforce robust password policies to enhance cloud security. 
  3. Monitor for Suspicious User Behavior: Use behavioral analytics and real-time alerts to detect and respond to suspicious user activities. 
  4. Harden the OS, Network, and APIs: Regularly update and patch OS, enforce strict firewall rules, and implement strong API authentication to secure your cloud infrastructure. 
  5. Configure Identity & Access Control and Least Privilege Roles: Minimize the risk of unauthorized access by ensuring users have only the permissions necessary for their tasks. This approach reduces the potential damage from compromised accounts and limits exposure to sensitive data and systems.

Let Blackpoint provide piece of mind while you celebrate

Coupled with best practices, having a robust cybersecurity strategy and a reliable partner to monitor and respond to threats 24/7 is crucial. Enter Blackpoint Cyber. Unlike automated systems that can miss sophisticated threats, Blackpoint Cyber employs human experts who actively monitor and respond to potential threats on your behalf. Enjoy the fireworks knowing our team will isolate and detain threats without needing alert approvals. This 4th of July, as you celebrate, rest assured that Blackpoint Cyber is on guard, keeping your business safe and sound. 

Blackpoint’s Active Cybersecurity suite offers everything you need to be first in cybersecurity and business:

  • Same-day, tech-agnostic configuration and deployment 
  • Best-in-class MDR+R that monitors hacker behaviors, not just tools 
  • 24/7 human-powered SOC that actively responds to incidents on your behalf 
  • Value-add services such as compliance 
  • Ongoing education and sales enablement resources