Episode Summary

Responsible exploit disclosure is crucial for safeguarding organizations from potential threats. In a podcast episode, MacKenzie Brown, the Vice President of Security at Blackpoint Cyber, emphasized the importance of controlled research practices and responsible disclosure of exploits. She highlighted the negative impact of rapid exploit disclosure, stating that it can do more harm than good.

Brown pointed out that the cybersecurity landscape is inundated with marketing, tooling, and technology, which can be overwhelming and not necessarily useful. With an increase in cyber attacks each year, organizations face significant challenges in defending against threats. She mentioned that the industry struggles to find good talent, and many businesses face financial losses due to cybersecurity incidents.

The episode discussed the need for a coordinated approach to exploit disclosure, where researchers work closely with vendors to address vulnerabilities. Brown emphasized the importance of giving vendors time to create patches, communicate with customers, and ensure proper implementation of security measures. She advocated for a shift towards a more ethical and regulated approach to exploit disclosure, where vendors are held accountable for addressing security issues promptly.

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