Simplified Oversight for Granular Access


Harden Your Security Posture

Utilize Blackpoint’s curated list of applications to block, based on real-life attacks our SOC sees firsthand.


Decrease Friction in Your Operational Strategy

Create custom rules for your various customers’ specific needs to avoid false positives, over-generalizations, and inadequate oversight.


Increase Your Business’ Margins

Available through our product bundle, Blackpoint Response, you can add our modern take on Zero Trust for one cost-effective price alongside an ever-growing litany of product offerings.

Simplified Application Management

A new perspective on zero trust 

Managed Application Control provides our partners with simplified oversight into what matters most. With Blackpoint’s MDR capabilities and threat insight, you can apply curated application settings to your and your clients’ extended perimeters. Reduce operational bottlenecks while improving user experience with this Blackpoint Response exclusive today.
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Simplified security management

Partner with APG’s threat intel for a recommended application block list and our 24/7 SOC’s management to immediately detect and block malicious requests based on our combined settings.

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Increased IT visibility

Create custom rules for your various customers to gain visibility into device activity across extended perimeters to enforce security policies. This will ensure endpoints are always properly configured, improving your overall security posture.

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Reduced false positives

Operate with elite security protection without interrupting your customers’ productivity with endless verification requests, false positives denying correct users access, and time-consuming maintenance of settings.

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Increased operational efficiency

Enable access to organizational resources and data from anywhere and from any device, while ensuring that all endpoints meet your business’ security requirements.

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Leverage deep insight for customized protection 

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