Take out the adversary before they can even move

Blackpoint vs The Hacker Timeline

When an attack occurs, detection and response times often determine whether malicious actors succeed in their efforts. With true 24/7 MDR, Blackpoint helps you fight back within minutes and close the gap between the identification of an event and the actual response and remediation. By immediately isolating endpoints, Blackpoint’s technology terminates malicious processes and stops the threat from moving laterally into other systems.

Timeline showing steps a hacker takes and when MDR identifies there is a hack
Timeline showing steps a hacker takes and when MDR identifies there is a hack

Have Nation-State-Grade MDR Work for You


Blackpoint hunts proactively for evolving threats 24/7, maintaining full visibility of your entire network. Our experienced team leverages leading-edge, proprietary technology to monitor for indicators of compromise, malicious behavior, and open risks.


Every second counts when it comes to detecting the first signs of breach. Blackpoint detects and isolates developing threats before they can spread laterally. We investigate suspicious activity on your behalf and eliminate alert fatigue and time spent on false positives.


In the fastest responses times seen by the industry, Blackpoint isolates and stops malicious processes. We take action to neutralize threats in real-time rather than sending you instructions to action yourself. Get alerted after the risk is eliminated and we’ve secured your environment.


Solve Cybersecurity Challenges with MDR

SNAP-Defense is Blackpoint’s purpose-built, security operations and incident response platform. Designed specifically with MDR workflows in mind, it provides true 24/7 protection where legacy tools such as firewalls, endpoint protection, SIEMs, antivirus, and anti-malware cannot. Trust Blackpoint Cyber to do the hard work for you in real-time:
green cube with white lateral movement icon circles

Lateral movement, tradecraft, and insider threat detection

green cube with white network monitoring icon

Continuous monitoring of privileged users, accounts, and activity

green cube with white cloud architecture icon

Cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture

green cube with white rocket icon

Lightweight agent ensuring easy deployment

Customer support headphones and chat bubble icon

Frictionless customer support

green cube with white api gear icon

API-first architecture for ease of integration

green cube with white checklist icon

Ransomware readiness assessments

Gear with checkmark icon

Automated, anti-ransomware capability

blackpoint green cube bullseye icon

External threat detection

Icon showing cloud and server

Monitoring for on-premises and cloud environments

Icon showing laptop with lock

Protection of Macs and PCs

green cube with white world icon

Remote access and user behavior audits

green cube with white network mapping icon

Mapping to MITRE ATT&CK® Framework

Blackpoint MDR portal wireframe showing active endpoint device activity

See the Rest of the Ecosystem

Blackpoint’s MDR core powers a streamlined approach to cybersecurity. In the Blackpoint ecosystem, we keep you paces ahead by navigating the threat landscape for you and taking out your adversaries before they can see us coming.

Introducing Managed Defender for Endpoint

Streamlined Managed Endpoint Security

A fully managed version of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is now available through Blackpoint. Directly within our portal, Blackpoint partners can easily control policies and apply them to multiple customers at once, saving time and effort. Settings based on our best practices are also available for quick setup. With the goal to create efficacious and complementary solutions, Managed Defender for Endpoint brings the benefits of antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response, and Advanced Threat Protection to the Blackpoint ecosystem.

Ready to see Blackpoint MDR in action?