Cyber Incident Response

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Introduction to DATA FORENSICS &
Cyber Incident Response

Too many times companies recover from an incident only to fall victim to a future attack again. Was the original incident completely remediated? Was the malicious actor still in the environment?

Blackpoint's Data Forensics & Cyber Incident Response Service provides peace-of-mind during the incident clean up and investigation, as well as after the fact to ensure the malicious activity will not resurface.

Insider threats

Internal attacks from current and former employees or from third-party contractors


Attacks related to ransomware, global malware (NotPetya, WannaCry) and denial-of-service

External Attacks

External attacks on networks, e-commerce sites, databases, websites, email boxes, etc


Malicious email scams intended to steal data or install malware on a target computer

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What you get with our
Cyber Incident Response

Rigorous examinations and no-translation-necessary results aren't something you should have to hope for in data forensics during a data breach. It should be something you expect. No matter what kind of information you need, our expert team will help you recover, reconstruct, and review the data.

Our expert team has decades of experience in Computer forensics, e-discovery, cyber security, and expert testimony all wrapped into one package to solve some of the most challenging issues you can imagine. Cyber Incident Response is answering what happened on a computer at a specific time, what was the person doing on this computer, what files were moved to or from the computer, etc. Our cyber incident response process will reveal the entire story.

We Provide the answerS

How did it happen?

What was stolen, encrypted, or destroyed?

What steps should be taken to prevent further damage or compromise?