Preparing for PCI-DSS Compliance?

Blackpoint LogIC can help.

Using the power of our MDR technology, LogIC was designed to help you efficiently collect key data from your environment and log them securely. Our intelligent logging and compliance solution auto-maps against hundreds of compliance requirements all at once so you know exactly which requirements are already covered, making your first step towards compliance easier.

Combined with Blackpoint's nation-state grade 24/7 MDR, we make compliance achievable and affordable.




Satisfy compliance needs through data collection

LogIC collects and archives device events, file integrity, and system and application logs



collection settings

Use our self-service web application to customize event and log collection in real-time



know where you
are covered

We mapped every PCI-DSS compliance control to our products and services for you



guided report process helps generate compliance reports

Quickly complete compliance reports with auto-provided answers and justifications



secure, encrypted logs

LogIC stores collected logs read-only in 3 different zones encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256)



leverage blackpoint’s nation-state grade 24/7 security service

We provide true around-the-clock MDR service with active response to defend against known and unknown cyber threats



store collected data for
however long you need

Enjoy 365 days of complimentary log storage with additional log retention durations available upon request

PCI-DSS: An Overview

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a set of information security standards for organizations handling credit cards. It focuses on increasing controls around cardholder data, reducing credit card fraud/theft, and improving payment account security throughout transactions.

PCI-DSS helps merchants and financial institutions implement security policies, technology, and ongoing processes to protect their payment systems from compromise. Organizations that are not PCI DSS compliant risk exposing their clients’ financial data. This is detrimental and results in loss of sales, lawsuits, government fines, and severe damage to your ability to do business.

Get started today! Blackpoint LogIC makes meeting PCI-DSS requirements easy.

The information provided on this webpage is not an exhaustive review of all PCI DSS requirements nor is it intended to constitute legal advice. All information, content, and materials available on this site are for general information purposes only. Please consult with certified compliance specialists and legal experts as needed. 

Blackpoint LogIC’s logging architecture bolsters your cybersecurity posture by supporting real-time collection of file integrity monitoring (FIM) events, device logs, and any other application or system that supports syslog. While LogIC collects key data to assist users in understanding where they are covered in terms of compliance, users must consult with a regulatory compliance authority and/or compliance auditor to guide them through the official assessment.