The team here at Blackpoint couldn’t be more excited to be attending Right of Boom 2024 in Las Vegas on March 6-8. We’re looking forward to hearing (and sharing!) fresh cybersecurity insights, hosting an epic capture the flag challenge, and meeting up with partners and MSPs.

We have some cool sessions planned, plus an awesome giveaway. So without further ado, if you’re headed to Right of Boom next month, here are three ways you can amp up your experience by connecting with Blackpoint:

1. Enter to win a Ducati motorcycle

We’ve given away Ducati bikes to a few lucky winners already, but is it your turn to win this time? Visit the Blackpoint booth to enter to win this sleek black Ducati Monster—freedom on wheels.

2. Get smarter about attack trends in our speaking session

In the cybersecurity world, we talk a lot about how threat actors are evolving malware. In our presentation, “Pwned & Owned,” Blackpoint’s VP of Security, MacKenzie Brown, former incident manager at Microsoft DART, will explain how you as an MSP can help your SMB customers prepare for two attack trends: The use of legitimate tools in hacking, and the development of custom malware by threat groups.

You’ll not only explore how hackers use these trends to breach SMBs, but you’ll gain insights on prevention and detection as well. It’s happening on Friday March 8 at 9 a.m. in the Chairman’s Ballroom.

3. Practice your cyber skills in our Capture the Flag Pre-Day Challenge

Capture the Flag events are a fun, hands-on way to develop cybersecurity skills in a controlled, simulated environment. In this challenge, participants will step into the role of a security analyst at Tangiers Tech, an MSP inspired by the movie Casino. The mission? To defend against a series of targeted cyber attacks instigated by a criminal group known as “The House.”

Hosting the event will be special guest Phyllis Lee of the Center for Internet Security and Blackpoint’s MacKenzie Brown, Jon Murchison, and Wil Santiago. It’s on Wednesday March 6, from 1 to 5 p.m in room 363. It filled up fast, but you can join the waitlist in case a spot opens up.

Stop by our booth and say hi—we we can’t wait to see you there!

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