Right of Boom 2024 is a wrap, and by all accounts it was an amazing week. We had a blast meeting everyone, whether you joined us at our booth, explored a demo, visited our speaking session, or entered our giveaway. Now that we’ve left Las Vegas, here’s a look back at four of our major highlights there.

MSPs Spend Day 1 Fighting a Ransomware Scenario

A roomful of eager participants stepped into the shoes of SOC analysts for a day at our Capture the Flag pre-day event. Participants were “onboarded” to their new SOC roles at the fictional Tangiers Tech MSP (inspired by the movie Casino). Their goal was to defend the MSP—and its casino clients—against a series of targeted ransomware attacks.

While the scenario was imaginary, the CTF experience was real and gave attendees a glimpse into what it’s like to defend against threats. It also helped them build skills and knowledge in network defense, cloud security, application whitelisting, and other cybersecurity areas.

Calvin Engen, Chief Technology Officer at F12.net, called the event one of his top Right of Boom highlights. The hands-on-challenge was not only fun but enlightening, he said.

“(It) was an eye-opener to the complex cybersecurity threats we face today and the innovative strategies we can employ to tackle them,” Engen wrote on LinkedIn.


MacKenzie Brown Pulls Back the Curtain on Attack Trends

Living off the land (LotL) is a tactic of threat actors that refers to their use and processes native to the victim environment. In her speaking session, Blackpoint’s VP of Security, MacKenzie Brown, explained why attackers employ this tactic—because it works. Why? Untuned EDR systems that can’t recognize such behavior as malicious, for one.

Brown also delved into other trends such as custom malware campaigns and cloud attacks. She shared some interesting Blackpoint statistics: For example, for every on-premises attack, we see five times that many in the cloud. What’s more, the amount of time between a threat actor obtaining initial access and beginning lateral movement is only 83 minutes, according to Blackpoint data, underscoring the need for visibility over risks and seeing clearly into the attack surface to avoid being “pwned and owned.”


Blackpoint Announces Five New Solutions to Help MSPs See Clearly

With cyberattacks proliferating, MSPs need to help their customers understand their risk, provide them solutions that truly protect them, and safeguard their own businesses—all while continuing to grow at the same time. At Right of Boom, Blackpoint debuted our five new value-added solutions to help MSPs see clearly into clients’ security risk, their security stack, gaining a competitive edge, and more.

Tools like Dark Web Monitoring and our Threat Assessment Summary offer visibility into risks, exposures, and vulnerabilities so MSPs can help their clients mitigate risks. With the revamped Blackpoint University, MSPs can access free, on-demand training to take their businesses to the next level. The Blackpoint Community Protection Program provides internal-use NFR licenses of the Blackpoint Response security bundle, and with our new Pooled Pricing structure, MSPs get simplified pricing model to make endpoint management easy.

As we explained at Right of Boom, by leveraging these solutions, MSPs can gain the visibility to enhance their cybersecurity strategy and drive business growth.

Lucky Ducati Winner Announced

Topping off the event, we announced the winner of our giveaway, a brand new black Ducati motorcycle. Congratulations to Shane Fernandez, CEO of Complete Network Integration (CNI), who was lucky enough to win this ride. What a way to end an amazing few days!



“Right of Boom was a fantastic opportunity to reunite with the MSPs we serve,” said Mike Estep, Blackpoint’s VP of Communities. “We thoroughly enjoyed engaging with our partners and hearing firsthand their challenges, needs, and thoughts. There’s no replacement for partner feedbackit’s invaluable in guiding our team in developing solutions for MSPs and their clients. Can’t wait to reconnect again at Right of Boom 2025!”

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