This month, we unveiled our very first Blackpoint ReCON, a virtual cyber event co-hosted with Webroot! At this half-day experience, all talk tracks were themed on how to navigate the modern threat landscape, create a pragmatic MDR-focused stack, and take out the adversary before they can even see us coming.

Recap of Blackpoint ReCON

We believe that a key element in winning the unfair fight against cyber adversaries is banding together and sharing your learnings. We connected event attendees with thought leaders and experts in the cybersecurity industry so they could share valuable insights and actionable advice that will help you build your offense and sharpen your defense.

Read on for a summary of all the talk tracks we presented this year at ReCON.

Blackpoint Cyber Product Update: End of the Line for Hackers

Speaker: Paul Barnes, VP of Product at Blackpoint Cyber

  • Ransomware is booming in nearly all industry verticals. High-profile cases in the past year show that ransom demands are skyrocketing, and adversaries are focused on exfiltrating large amounts of data. Ransomware attacks are now considered a risk to national security.
  • Review of Blackpoint’s mission statement and company vision. Review of Blackpoint’s product principles.


Blackpoint Ecosystem

  • Blackpoint Cyber – True 24/7 MDR Service. With monitoring, detection, and response all built-in, Blackpoint’s MDR analysts have unparalleled visibility into hacker tradecraft, lateral spread, and remote privileged activity. Contact us for a demo!
  • Blackpoint LogIC – Compliance + Security in One. Blackpoint LogIC brings simplicity to the everyday management of logging and compliance. Get a demo of LogIC today!
  • Blackpoint RISK – Live to Fight Another Day. Blackpoint RISK provides customized cyber liability insurance to our MSP partners. Visit https://blackpointrisk.com/request/ to get a custom quote within minutes.
  • Blackpoint 365 Defense – Harden and fortify your 365 environment. Hackers see Microsoft 365 accounts as their way in. With our 365 Defense service, get round-the-clock security monitoring and security policy enforcement for your 365 environment today.


A Year In Review – 2021

  • MDR 4.0, Powered by ACTion Engine: Added more supercharged detection abilities and MDR triage workflows.
  • SOC Response Capability Enhancements: Improved incidence response, infrastructure, and performance. Launched new Contact Profiles feature to streamline onboarding and SOC emergency response processes.
  • Blackpoint LogIC & Enhancements: Launched Logging with Integrated Compliance (LogIC) – a powerful solution combining streamlined compliance with robust security. Added usage data and export capability in platform for increased visibility.
  • Integrations: Launched new integrations with SentinelOne, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, and Cylance platforms.


Looking Ahead to 2022

  • LogIC enhancements, cloud monitoring (MDR), brand-new automated response technology, and integration with Windows Defender.

Webroot: Immunity from Threats – Why a Proven Threat Intelligence Platform is Foundational

Speakers: Jonathan Barnett, Senior Product Manager, Network at Webroot, Johnathan Ferrick, Lead Product Manager, Business Endpoint Protection at Webroot

A view into the current threat landscape shows:

  • Breaches continue to make headlines. These include hacks, insider jobs, lost devices, and exposure of personal records.
  • Infection rates on Windows machines increase as versions approach end of life support.
  • Webroot Endpoint Protection provides a layered approach. Having a wide range of machine learning models and up-to-date threat intelligence means better response to various threat vectors in a unique way.
  • Cyber resilience refers to a company’s ability to mitigate damage to systems, processes and reputation, and resume after systems or data have been compromised.
  • The game has changed. Ransomware-as-a-Service (Raas) is becoming popular and what’s changed is the speed in which a network compromise can lead to ransomware. Network breaches occurring weeks or months before ransomware are far fewer than before.

Webroot: Protective DNS – Reviewing the NSA’s Recommendations for DNS

Speakers: Jonathan Barnett, Senior Product Manager, Network at Webroot, Johnathan Ferrick, Lead Product Manager, Business Endpoint Protection at Webroot

  • Created over 40 years ago, DNS has since scaled to accommodate millions of domains and billions of URLs. Though it is powerful, it is a cause for concern from a cybersecurity standpoint.
  • DNS challenges: lack of intelligence/security/privacy, no verification or visibility of resolver, exposes internet use, locations, and IPs, and all communications are displayed in clear text.
  • Webroot DNS Protection: applied threat intelligence, trusted resolver, extended perimeter, control of encrypted DNS, DNS managed through DoH, comprehensive reporting.

Compliance Talk Track: Challenge & Opportunity

Speaker: Joy Beland, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant/Instructor at Edwards Performance Solutions

List of Questions Discussed:

  • MSP industry has not come under regulation yet – do you see that happening soon?
  • What type of compliance would make sense for the MSP industry?
  • CMMC has gained traction in the MSP conversations and solution requests lately. What changed?
  • How will MSPs currently supporting clients in the Defense Industrial Base participate in CMMC?
  • What kind of resources are out there to help MSPs?

Insurance Panel Interview: The Final Line of Defense

Panelists: Allan Cohen, Managing Director at Pelican Ventures Group, Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics, Jack Kudale, Founder & CEO of Cowbell Cyber

Moderator: Jon Murchison, Founder & CEO of Blackpoint Cyber

List of Questions Discussed:

  • As an investor focused on insurance, what is exciting about cyber risk?
  • Insurance is so heavily focused on managing risk – where do you see opportunity?
  • What are some parallels between other lines of business and cyber insurance?
  • What are the risks that MSPs and their clients face when their security tools don’t address cyber insurance?
  • What can MSPs do to improve their insurable posture?
  • What does it look like when MSPs or their clients are breached?
  • Why is insurance important for event response? Where have things worked well, and what happens when there isn’t insurance coverage?
  • What recommendations would you make to an MDP considering insurance? What are some questions they should take into their evaluation process?

Blackpoint Cyber’s New Podcast, “The Unfair Fight”: Live Pilot Episode

Hosts: Jon Murchison, Founder & CEO of Blackpoint Cyber, Xavier Salinas, VP of Threat Operations at Blackpoint Cyber

Special Guest: Brian Dykstra, CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics

Topics Discussed:

  • Common attack trends in the threat landscape today
  • Areas of vulnerability that are not getting enough attention from the cyber community
  • Large-scale cyber warfare between nation states

Want something new to listen to?

Check out our podcast, The Unfair Fight, where you can hear industry insights from Blackpoint Cyber leadership and our special guests firsthand.