Join Us This Event Season

Another event season is upon us, and we could not be more excited! Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift to remote work, we’re always grateful to spend time in-person with the MSP community. We firmly believe our industry is better together—sharing threat intel, assessing cybersecurity trends, and integrating our technology. At the end of the day, we not only want to protect our partners’ and end clients’ companies, but also their livelihoods. In our interconnected society, effective security is a must.

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With a few events already under our belt, the Blackpoint team is ready to hit the ground running this fall. Of all the cities we’ll be visiting, where can we expect to see you?

Aug. 21-23 | Denver, CO: ChannelCo Xchange

Aug. 30-31 | Philadelphia, PA: Cybersecurity and IT Marketing Roadshow

Sept. 7-8 | Chicago, IL: Cybersecurity and IT Marketing Roadshow

Sept. 11-13 | Washington, D.C.: DattoCon

Sept. 22-24 | Hollywood, FL: Taylor Business BIG BIG Conference

Sept. 28-29 | Boston, MA: Cybersecurity and IT Marketing Roadshow

Oct. 3-5 | Las Vegas, NV: Empower by N-Able

Oct. 6-7 | Orlando, FL: Cybersecurity and IT Marketing Roadshow

Oct. 19-20 | Houston, TX: Cybersecurity and IT Marketing Roadshow

Oct. 23-25 | Orlando, FL: Xchange NexGen Conference

Nov. 2-3 | Las Vegas, NV: Cybersecurity and IT Marketing Roadshow

Nov. 9-11 | Orlando, FL: IT Nation Connect

Dec. 12-14 | Clearwater, FL: Marketopia GrowCON


Heading to one of the Cybersecurity and IT Marketing roadshows? Join us for free as part of the Blackpoint community! Register here to claim your free pass.

2022 Spotlight: Natalie Barragan, Head of BDRs at Blackpoint Cyber

Blackpoint’s Head of Business Development Representatives (BDRs), Natalie Barragan, is an Events frequent flyer. We sat down with her to see what she and the team love about events and what they’re looking forward to this fall.

What do you like about in-person events?

I love being able to have in-person conversations with existing partners and MSPs, as well as putting faces to names. For BDRs specifically, we speak to these people a lot, so to be able to say, ‘Hey so-and-so, it’s me, Natalie!!’ is so fun.

Blackpoint operates remotely now. Can you talk about getting to come together for events?

In this remote world, it’s great to be able to step away from our at-home offices, represent Blackpoint as a team, and reunite with industry colleagues. The entire team is always excited to put on our Blackpoint shirts and talk shop with the channel!

Are there any specific events the team is looking forward to most this year?

We’re excited to attend DattoCon in Washington, D.C. this Sept. 11-13! With last year being virtual, we can’t wait to see everyone and meet some new MSPs.

How about you specifically? Where are you looking forward to going this year?

I’m excited to go to the Cybersecurity and IT Marketing roadshow in Philadelphia this Aug. 30-31. I’ve never attended one of Robin Robins’ shows! MSPs are always raving about how helpful she’s been for their business, and we’ll see a lot of existing partners there. They love checking out our booth, which got a major face lift this year, and stopping by to chat about what’s new.

Speaking of what’s new, what are you excited to be able to talk about with the MSP community?

We just launched Blackpoint Cloud Response for Microsoft 365 which has been getting a lot of great feedback. So, it’s been nice to bring that up to people who walk by and say, ‘Yeah we know what you do.’ Now, we’re able to follow up with ‘Yes, but have you heard about Cloud Response?’ New features are always a great conversation starter and keep things fresh. It’s also been thrilling to hint at our long-awaited macOS agent launching later this year!

Do you have any travel tips to share?

Definitely wear comfortable shoes—there’s lots of standing and walking of course! A few Blackpoint favorites are high top Nike Dunks, New Balances, and HOKAS. The last thing you want is your feet to hurt while chatting with colleagues throughout the day.

My coworker, Travis Brittain, our Director of Product Enablement, also shared some great tips! Before the event, he advised you read up on all relevant emails and organize them into an Outlook folder for easy access so you don’t miss any networking opportunities or fun activities. Also, if you travel often for trade shows, use an app like TripIt to organize your flights and hotel bookings. His last tip? Always remember to drink lots of water.

Finish us off with a fun story from a past event!

At Build IT last year, one of our partners from Innovative Technology Solutions, Chris Bond, kept getting called up as a winner for giveaways at other vendor booths, but he wasn’t present. Amanda Chino, one of our Partner Success Managers (PSMs) and I went screaming through the lobby to find him to claim his prizes. He got there just in time to win! We were all laughing about that at this year’s Build IT.

Join in on the Fun

Register for an in-person event near you. Blackpoint proudly serves the infosec community, sharing industry insight, thought leadership, and connecting you with other experts in the channel. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Blackpoint BDR or your company’s PSM! Until then, you can see what upcoming in-person and virtual events we will be attending on our Events & Webinar page.

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