Nashville is known for its vibrant music scene, southern cuisine, and warm hospitality—all reasons we’re happy TMT’s IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp is held there. We’re looking forward to hitting Music City in early April to meet MSPs and talk cyber at the Boot Camp, and while we’re in town we’ll be hosting a lunch & learn roadshow to share how MSPs can get an edge on the competition and protect their clients. Read on for what we’ve got planned for our time in Nashville, and if you’re in town, be sure to meet us!

Fast Track to Security Roadshow: April 1

You’re probably aware cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate…but your competition is increasing too. So how can you protect your clients from these ever-advancing threats, while gaining an edge on your competition? The day before Boot Camp, join us at Top Golf in Nashville for our lunch and learn, where we’ll share the tech and tactics needed to beat sophisticated hackers and outpace your competitors.

Follow that with a round of golf, a delicious lunch, and networking with likeminded peers, and you’ve got a great way to spend the afternoon. (No fooling!)

Learn more about the roadshow and sign up here.

IT Sales & Marketing Boot Camp: April 2-5

There’s no event quite like one of Robin Robins’ big seminars. They’re all about putting more mojo (this year’s theme) into your MSP business. Our Mike Estep, VP of Communities here at Blackpoint, will be speaking on April 3 at 3:15 p.m. on how you can do just that by standardizing your security stack across all clients.

When clients opt to save money by skimping on security, blame for a breach will fall on…you guessed it—your MSP business. That’s why standardizing is so important. Not only does it help protect your clients with the requisite level of security, standardization protects your own business, and helps to grow your margins, revenue, and business. Mike will be joined by Tom Glover, CRO of Responsive Technology Partners, as they share strategies for selling a standardized package and safeguarding your reputation.

We’d love to meet with you there and discuss your cybersecurity challenges and how we can help. So be sure to book an in-person meeting. And stop by our booth for the chance to win a pair of AirPods Pro 2!

Whether at Robin Robins’ boot camp or at our own roadshow event, we’re looking forward to meeting you in Nashville!

Event Contact

Anna Price — Channel Engagement Manager

Lorena Andrews — Sr. Director of Field Marketing

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