We at Blackpoint Cyber know all too well that winning the unfair fight against cybercrime is tough work. So, we’re excited to be co-sponsoring Summer Treat Wave 2021 to recognize the consistent effort MSPs take to be agile and stay ahead of the bad guys.

Make the most of your summer with not one, not two, but TWENTY-TWO days of giveaways! Learn more about how you can sign up for this special sweepstake and treat yourself to the max below.

What’s Summer Treat Wave 2021?

Move over, heat wave – Treat Wave is here! We know you work hard year-round. So, we’re teaming up with 18 other sponsors in the IT space to dole out the goodies you deserve. Get ready to be showered with prizes that will keep you going for the rest of the summer.

How Does Treat Wave Work?

This month, from July 1 through to July 30, we’ll draw a winner every day to receive one of our 22 amazing prizes. From headphones and gaming equipment to tablets, 3D printers, and the ultimate desk swag, there are all kinds of cool and helpful items up for grabs!

Ready to Treat Yourself?

The earlier you sign up, the more chances you’ll have to win. Sign up for Summer Treat Wave 2021 any time before July 30 8:00 PM EST here.

Once you fill out the form, make sure you check your email daily to see if you’re a winner of one of this summer’s coolest giveaways. Good luck and have an amazing time riding this treat wave!

Meet the Sponsors!

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