G2 has awarded badges for Spring 2024, and Blackpoint has received more than in any previous quarter. We racked up 16 badges in three categories and we’re featured in 39 reports.

G2 is a platform for finding and reviewing business software and services. These badges are based on the feedback users leave there. Receiving G2 badges is validation of all the hard work we put into our services and offerings.

We owe a big thanks to our partners—we couldn’t receive these badges without you sharing your honest feedback.

While every badge is meaningful, some of them are especially important to us. Here are our picks for our favorite Blackpoint G2 badges this quarter.

MDR: Momentum Leader

We snagged five badges in the MDR category, including two Leader badges, a High Performer, and a Best Estimated ROI.

We’re especially proud of our Momentum Leader badge. This one means a lot because on G2’s MDR momentum grid, Blackpoint’s high scores in customer satisfaction and momentum put us first in the Leader quadrant.

Cloud Detection & Response: Best Results, Best Relationship

It’s hard to pick a favorite from our Cloud Detection and Response badges. We received eight, which also include two High Performers, a Momentum Leader, Most Implementable, Users Most Likely to Recommend, and Best Usability. But we’re settling on Best Results and Best Relationship.

Best Results, because much of the attack sphere has moved to the cloud—our SOC is seeing five cloud attacks for every on-premise attack. It’s crucial to have protection that can stop every one of these attacks early.

And Best Relationship, because we’re all about hopping on the phone with our partners when needed, to answer questions or help navigate an incident. To us, a partnership means we act as an extension of your security team.

Overall, it’s great to know that amidst this landscape, our partners think the protection we provide for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments is easy to implement and gets the job done.

Cloud Security: High Performer, Mid-Market

Out of our three badges for Cloud Security (which also include High Performer and High Performer, Small Business) we’d have to choose our High Performer, Mid-Market badge. This is the fourth mid-market badge we received this quarter (two of the others were for MDR and one was for Cloud Detection & Response). The vote of confidence from mid-market users on G2 reinforces that our efforts to continue expanding our capabilities to satisfy MSPs of all sizes is hitting the mark.

Once again, we’re honored to be acknowledged by our partners for the quality of our services. Recognitions like this motivate us to continue innovating and delivering best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to MSPs.

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