Finally, take the complexity out of security compliance. Last month, we launched our new MDR add-on, Blackpoint LogIC (Logging with Integrated Compliance).

Recognizing the growing need for compliance, we built a solution specifically designed to help MSPs and their partners satisfy compliance requirements and safeguard their business. Don’t decide between real security and efficient compliance. With LogIC, you can have both.

Webinar Summary

Topic 1 | Compliance in Today’s World

  • Regulatory compliance helps organizations meet the standards for data security and privacy applicable to their specific industry or services.
  • Data breaches are on the rise and modern-day cyber adversaries are more sophisticated and active than ever before.
  • Security/privacy concerns are now a major concern for business, their vendors, and their service providers.

Topic 2 | Challenges of the Past – MSPs & Compliance

  • Businesses of all sizes are looking to their MSPs for both cybersecurity and compliance.
  • Without the right expertise, collecting and maintaining the raw data needed to satisfy compliance requirements can lead to:
    • Alert fatigue
    • Slow response times
    • Operational inefficiency, and
    • High overhead.
  • A difficult decision for many MSPs: Putting resources towards meeting compliance requirements or investing in real cybersecurity.
  • The Blackpoint Team discusses the common steps we see MSPs take when faced with these challenges.
  • Bulking up your security stack with SOC-as-a-Service and SIEMs may lead to:
    • Complicated onboarding
    • Requirement for regular maintenance and calibration
    • Loss of productivity, and
    • No price predictability (most SIEMs charge on a by-event basis).

Topic 3 | Adapting to the Future of Compliance

  • Being compliant does not automatically make you secure. The key is to build a security ecosystem so that your security and compliance work in tandem.
  • Blackpoint LogIC is a pragmatic mix of compliance and actual security. Our lean security ecosystem offers real-time protection, is easy to use and affordable while providing lateral spread detection.
  • The future of compliance is fitting compliance into the overall cybersecurity strategy seamlessly. Compliance can be affordable, simple, and efficient.

Topic 4 | Hear It from the Experts – The Future of Compliance

  • Jon Murchison, CEO & Founder of Blackpoint Cyber, invites Sam Bell, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Edwards Performance Solutions, to chat about regulatory compliance and how best to prepare for it.
  • Blackpoint LogIC helps with collecting the RIGHT data and understanding how your security products are covering you in terms of compliance.
  • Experts at Edwards then guide you through the remaining process and prepare you for the final compliance assessments.

LogIC Highlights

Blackpoint LogIC brings simplicity to the everyday management of logging and compliance. It uses a simple, push-button setup to replace typical hardware, appliances, installs, and agent rollouts needed to implement compliance programs. We also created a new, intelligent web application allowing MSPs and their clients to configure log settings and generate compliance reporting to reduce the cumbersome reporting and assessment efforts usually involved with compliance. Based on the products and services partners have with Blackpoint, LogIC’s auto-answer capability automatically maps against hundreds of compliance requirements all at once. Finally, partners signing up for LogIC will receive 365 days of complimentary data log retention with options to request more storage by GB as needed.

Get More Information

Interested in streamlining your compliance and cybersecurity? Visit the Blackpoint LogIC website or sign up to see a demo of the solution. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Our Guest – Edwards Performance Solutions

The cybersecurity team at Edwards Performance Solutions brings extensive experience in assessing and interpreting standards and guidelines. They are CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) approved as an RPO, Certified Third Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO), Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP), Licensed Training Provider (LTP), and their Cybersecurity Team are CMMC Registered Practitioners (RPs).

The Department of Defense (DoD) released the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), requiring all contractors to be certified with an appropriate level of program maturity starting early 2021. Your ability to bid on government contracts hinges on certification, so you need a trusted Registered Provider Organization (RPO) to help you toward compliance.


From Edwards Performance Solutions

CMMC Resources:

Offered Services (link)

  • CMMC Services
  • Compliance Assessments
  • Penetration Testing – Point in Time and Continuous
  • Risk Assessments and Management
  • Cybersecurity Program Development
  • Policy and Procedure Creation
  • Security Governance-as-a-Service
  • Incident Response Planning

Cybersecurity Contact:

  • Sam Bell, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Edwards Performance Solutions
  • [email protected]

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