Streamlined, hyper-efficient compliance is finally here! On June 16, Blackpoint Cyber launched LogIC (Logging with Integrated Compliance), a new MDR add-on designed to help MSPs and their partners satisfy compliance requirements and safeguard their business. Our goal was to help the MSP community meet the growing demand for regulatory compliance without compromising your cybersecurity posture. With LogIC, organizations of all sizes can meet their requirements with our affordable, intelligent, and simple solution.

Webinar Summary

Topic 1 | Compliance – An Overview

  • What is regulatory compliance and why is it important?
  • We discuss common compliance frameworks applicable in the information security industry.
  • What makes compliance so complex? Requirements number in the hundreds per framework, are always changing, and can be overwhelming and expensive.

Topic 2 | The Increasing Demand on MSPs for Compliance

  • The Blackpoint Team gives their insight on the growing need for compliance. Businesses of all sizes are turning to their MSPs to provide both security and compliance.
  • Between the sudden, mass shift to virtual/remote operations and increasingly sophisticated threats, data breaches are on the rise.
  • We explain the common mistakes we see MSPs make when it comes to tackling security and compliance challenges.

Topic 3 | Compliance + Security: A Perfect Match

  • Being compliance does not automatically make you secure. The key is to build a true ecosystem so that your security and compliance work in tandem.
  • Blackpoint LogIC is a pragmatic mix of compliance and actual security. Build on our trusted, nation-state grade MDR technology, you can accomplish both in one, powerful platform.
  • Your tools should collect valuable information and ensure visibility across an IT environment, but the true value is in real-time data interpretation allowing for immediate action.

LogIC Highlights

Blackpoint LogIC brings simplicity to the everyday management of logging and compliance. It uses a simple, push-button setup to replace typical hardware, appliances, installs, and agent rollouts needed to implement compliance programs. We also created a new, intelligent web application allowing MSPs and their clients to configure log settings and generate compliance reporting to reduce the cumbersome reporting and assessment efforts usually involved with compliance. Based on the products and services partners have with Blackpoint, LogIC’s auto-answer capability automatically maps against hundreds of compliance requirements all at once. Finally, partners signing up for LogIC will receive 365 days of complimentary data log retention with options to request more storage by GB as needed.

Get More Information

Interested in streamlining your compliance and cybersecurity? Visit the Blackpoint LogIC website or sign up to see a demo of the solution. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Upcoming Webinar

Don’t miss out on our next Lunch & Learn* webinar! Join us as we deep dive into the Future of Compliance. Learn how you can adapt your organization to be a cut above the rest when it comes to satisfying compliance requirements.

Title: Adapt to the Future of Compliance

Save the Date: July 14, 2021

Time: 11:00 AM EST

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