In today’s threat landscape, we are seeing a stark rise of cyberattacks on the healthcare industry. Blackpoint Cyber and HIPAA experts, Compliancy Group, join together in this webinar to discuss what MSPs can do to bolster their compliance and cybersecurity posture to help protect clients in the healthcare space.

Webinar Summary

Topic 1 | Compliance Overview: Why Does Regulatory Compliance Matter?

  • What is regulatory compliance? Meeting the standards for data security and privacy applicable to your specific industry or services.
  • Modern day adversaries: Faster, more sophisticated, and better funded/organized. They no longer discriminate by industry nor size.
  • Businesses small and large are looking to their MSPs to get compliant and establish their security strategy.

Topic 2 | The Healthcare Industry – A Vulnerable Target

  • Most healthcare institutions are already struggling with issues such as old technology/software, lack of funding, and resistance to change, lack of cyber awareness by employees and stakeholders, etc.
  • In order to avoid interruptions to giving patient care, healthcare organizations hit with ransomware and DDoS attacks have been paying up.
  • Cyberattacks on the healthcare industry have larger ramifications beyond financial loss and breach of privacy.
  • They can put lives at risk and stop patients from receiving the care they need to survive.
  • Cyberattacks can cause major delays in surgery and disease treatment – all affecting the physical safety of patients.
  • Medical records/data are worth much more to cyber adversaries. On the dark web, medical information is used to obtain medical care, file prescription drugs, create fraudulent insurance claims and tax returns, and create new, fake identities.
  • All practice data is on the line when a ransom happens. Refusal to pay means losing patient records, schedules, payments, and more.
  • Bottom line: Cyberattacks on the healthcare industry affects everyone. How can we help?

Topic 3 | Protecting Lives on the Line – How MSPs Can Help

  • HIPAA modernizes the flow of health care information and establishes controls for how personal health information (PHI) is managed and maintained by healthcare providers. It focuses on preventing fraud and theft of PHI while protecting sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without consent.
  • HIPAA enables the protection of privacy for individual’s health information, while making way for new technologies to improve the quality of patient care in the long run.
  • MSPs can add value to healthcare organizations by acting as consultants, stakeholders, and/or leaders.
  • You can help these organizations ensure their sensitive information is protected, stored, and accessed and lead the management of those security processes.

Topic 4 | Building a True Security Ecosystem: Blackpoint LogIC

  • LogIC is our new MDR add-on solution – a pragmatic mix of compliance and actual security. It’s built to help MSPs and their clients satisfy compliance requirements and ensure a strong cybersecurity posture.
  • Compliance should not be the enemy of real security. With LogIC, you can offer compliance services without compromising your cybersecurity posture.
  • LogIC is one part of the puzzle. We invite the experts at Compliancy Group to help us all understand what else is needed to truly support your clients in their path to HIPAA compliance.
  • LogIC allows you to quickly set up and figure out where you are already covered in terms of compliance requirements.
  • LogIC helps with collecting the RIGHT data and understanding how your security products are covering you in terms of compliance.

Topic 5 | Hear It from the Experts – HIPAA for MSPs

  • Experts like Compliancy Group can guide you through the remaining process.
  • Why healthcare and compliance? Both are the fastest growing sectors in the US economy today and also experience the highest vulnerability when it comes to cyber risks.
  • The cost of non-compliance is high. Fines stack up quicker than you can imagine with averages upwards of $1.5 million. Organizations under investigation for non-compliance can face fines for issues including: late breach notifications, ineffective compliance programs, unencrypted devices, etc.

The HIPAA Breakdown:

  • The Privacy Rule: Sets standards for when protected health information (PHI) may be used in disclosed.
  • The Security Rule: Requires safeguards to ensure only those who should have access to ePHI can access it.
  • The Omnibus Rule: Requires healthcare providers to update their Business Associate Agreements and attain assurances that they are complying with the HIPAA Security Rule and have updated their Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Compliance mandates security. Elements such as network security, access controls, endpoint protection, monitoring and auditing, and backup disaster and recovery are at the root of HIPAA compliance.

LogIC Highlights

Blackpoint LogIC brings simplicity to the everyday management of logging and compliance. It uses a simple, push-button setup to replace typical hardware, appliances, installs, and agent rollouts needed to implement compliance programs. We also created a new, intelligent web application allowing MSPs and their clients to configure log settings and generate compliance reporting to reduce the cumbersome reporting and assessment efforts usually involved with compliance. Based on the products and services partners have with Blackpoint, LogIC’s auto-answer capability automatically maps against hundreds of compliance requirements all at once. Finally, partners signing up for LogIC will receive 365 days of complimentary data log retention with options to request more storage by GB as needed.

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Our Guest – Compliancy Group

Compliancy Group is the affordable industry standard for simplified HIPAA compliance. Founded in 2005 by former auditors that saw a gap in the market, they serve small to mid-sized organizations working with protected health information. Compliancy Group aims to help healthcare professionals, providers, and vendors across the industry implement effective HIPAA compliance programs. This includes covered entities, business associates, managed service providers, and SaaS providers. Compliancy Group focusses on giving you peace of mind in your compliance plan, reducing risk, increasing patient loyalty, and profitability of your organization.

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