The Product Management Journey

Blackpoint Cyber is thrilled to welcome Paul Barnes, VP of Product, as the newest member of our team!

Paul brings over 15 years of product management expertise in the cybersecurity industry along with a laser focus on understanding partner’s challenges and goals. Having launched countless products over the years, he is passionate about underscoring the importance of product discovery and working with partner feedback in mind to ensure mutual success.

Before joining Blackpoint, Paul gained a background in engineering and sales before shifting to product management within the IT realm. First working for Prevx, a small 15-person cybersecurity company based in the UK, he later moved to Webroot to what would become a 15-year tenure. More recently, Paul has worked with OpenText, a 15k employee enterprise, but explains that he is ready to get back to his start-up roots.

The Future of Cybersecurity

When asked about his thoughts on the future of cybersecurity, Paul shares that he has seen firsthand how devastating cyberattacks are for MSPs and their clients. He goes on to say that challenges surrounding skills and overall visibility have played a fundamental part in making the uphill battle fighting cyber adversaries that much harder. The sophistication of attacks, as well as the recent broadening of attack victims, were two especially concerning observations he made while working with the MSP community. The reality these days is that adversaries no longer discriminate against company size. Further, traditional attack vectors such as malware are a thing of the past. Despite this challenging reality, Paul acknowledges that he is excited to work for a company that offers purpose-built services, has a resolute foundation of morals, and a willingness to serve their customers in any situation.

We are very fortunate to have Paul as part of the Blackpoint Team and look forward to sharing in his many years of experience building robust product strategies. Please join us in welcoming Paul as we scale up our platform and continue working closely with the MSP community to fight back and win against cyberthreats.

About Blackpoint

Blackpoint Cyber offers the only world-class, nation state-grade cybersecurity ecosystem serving the MSP community. Using its own software and SOC, Blackpoint’s True 24/7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service not only detects breaches earlier than any other solution on the market, but also provides an actual response rather than just an alert. Contact us today to keep your and your clients’ networks safe from widespread damage.

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