About This Slick Sheet

Cyberattacks targeted at K-12 schools and higher education institutions continue to rise, and threat actors are only getting more advanced and relentless.

Defending the schools in your community from widespread disruptions, substantial ransom demands, steep recovery costs, and the publication of personal data requires robust cybersecurity. Security solutions that are proactively protecting your environment all hours of the day, catching advanced threat actor tactics, and detaining the threats on your behalf.

Educational institutions need what your Managed Service Provider (MSP) has: a Blackpoint-powered security stack, backed by live expert analysts.

This slick sheet provides a high-level overview of our latest eBook, Why K-12 and Higher Education Need Proactive Cybersecurity: Securing the Future Against Advanced Cybercriminals.

  • How prominent cyberattacks on schools are
  • What enables threat actors to successfully breach schools
  • The cybersecurity measures schools need to stay protected


With Blackpoint Cyber, you can safeguard future generations from targeted cyberattacks.

Learn more in our eBook.

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